Alchemy Moto Belt Scoop for GY6-50 139QMB scooter CVT cover


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Made in the USA (Utah) machined from solid billet 6061 T6 aluminum to exacting specifications exclusively by RnD Moto.

This attaches to the front of standard stock, and performance chrome ventilated belt covers especially the HOCA / SSP-G belt covers sold by PartsForScooters for many years.

This is machined to operate and look like a velocity stack which scoops up cool air from the front of the cover ahead of the hot engine and not only provide cooling air to all the CVT components, but the venturi effect of this scoop increases air velocity which further increases cooling effect.

What does this all mean? It means your variator, rollers, belt, clutch and everything else in their will not only performance better, but will last longer. Clutch fade and belt glazing are greatly minimized, which means they will hook up more securely, but also last longer. This thing will pay for itself over time especially if you factor in that your rollers, if runner cooler, will not wear as quickly.

BAM!….and only from the Alchemy minds at RnD Moto, and NO where else.

How is made in the USA billet components like this so inexpensive?

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