Naraku Performance Sport Racing Clutch 107mm for QMB139 & Minarelli/JOG


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Naraku Performance Sport Clutch 107mm

Naraku Sport-o racing clutch.NK950.01. The Naraku Performance 107mm Scooter Sport Clutch works on both two stroke and four stroke 50cc engines: This is one of the most versatile and compatible sport clutches on the market works on Yamaha JOG Minarelli engines, Chinese Yamaha Clones such as the 1PE40QMB 1E40QMB engines, Honda style 49cc QMB139 GY6 4 stroke engines, Vertical Honda DIO style 2 stroke engines found in SYM and Kymco Scooters, as well as Aprilia Scooters with Piaggio engines, and Franco-Morini 50cc engines found in the 1E41QMB Suzuki AD50 AG50, TGB R50X, TGB 101, TGB 303 and Peirspeed Scooters.

For even more power make sure to purchase the matching Naraku Performance Clutch Bell.
The Naraku Sport Clutch Engages at a higher RPM than a stock clutch, allowing for better take-off from stops. Solid sports clutch that engages 1500-2000 rpm higher than standard, meaning better drive and traffic light starts. Kevlar reinforced clutch blocks ensure even longer life for standard to medium race-tuned engines. For engines over 14 bhp, there are clutches with greater adjustability, such as the Stage6, Malossi or Polini versions.