Galfer Brake Disc “Wave” 200mm Piaggio Zip SP


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Galfer Brake Disc “Wave”, attached to the wheel by 5 screws.

Type D30 (5 holes).



Fly 50cc 4-stroke (ZAPC442 / LBMC445)
Fly 50cc 4-stroke 4-valve
Sfera RST 50cc AC
Zip 2 SP 50cc LC
Zip FastRider 50cc AC
Zip SP 50cc LC


ET2 50cc AC ZAPC 16000
ET2 50cc AC after 2000 ZAPC38100
ET4 50cc AC 4T AC ZAPC26
LX 50cc 4-stroke 2V AC ZAPC38300
LX 50cc 4-stroke 4V AC
LX 50cc AC – 2-stroke
LXV 50cc 2-stroke AC
S 50cc 2T AC after 07
S 50cc 4T AC 4V after 10 ZAPC38901
S 50cc 4T AC after 08 ZAPC38600
Sprint 50cc 2T AC after 14
Sprint 50cc 4T AC 4V after 14 ZAPC53101