Polini Maxi Speed Clutch for GY6 150cc, Kymco 150, CF Moto 150, Honda, SYM 150, ZNEN, Vento, – 125mm


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Polini Clutch Maxi Speed for GY6 150cc, Kymco 150, CF Moto 150, Honda, SYM 150, ZNEN, Vento,

Polini part number 23694 Polini Maxi Speed clutch for GY6, Kymco and Honda 4-stroke maxi scooters. This clutch features great design together with lightweight clutch blocks and reinforced friction plates. Altering the speed at which the clutch engages means the engine can be made to rev higher before the power comes in. This means greater drive, better performance on hills, everyday use and traffic light getaways.. An easy upgrade that delivers incredible performance for the price. Fiber reinforced clutch blocks ensure even longer life for standard to medium race-tuned engines. Make sure to check your engine before ordering that it is a GY6 Honda style 125cc or GY6 150cc. Designed for the QMI152, QMI157, QMJ152, QMJ157, BN157QMJ, 1P58MJ 157MJ, Kymco 150, CF Moto 150, Honda GY6, ZNEN GY6B series engines. See application tab for a full list of models. The clutch cannot be additionally adjusted, you can achieve this variation in engagement speed with different clutch springs.

Outstanding tuning clutch for maxi scooters!

diameter: 125mm
weight: 1000g

Polini S.p.A. is an Italian manufacturer of tuning parts for motorcycles, mopeds and scooters. Among other products, they produce cylinders and variators for both racing and road use. Racing Planet is proud to carry the scooter racing range of Polini products. On our site you can find the greatest selection of the Italian brand.