Naraku High Performance Carburetor 24mm for 85-180cc 4-stroke GY6, QMB139, 139QMB Scooter Engines


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Vacuum controlled 24mm tuning carburettor from NARAKU. The passage of 24mm allows a much larger gas flow and releases more power in conjunction with a larger intake manifold. Due to the size of this carburetor should be used only from the 85ccm [51mm] cylinders with correspondingly large cylinder heads. The carburetor is equipped with electric choke. The carburetor is primed for 51mm cylinder kits from NARAKU. The original throttle cable can still be used, it must be shortened the Bowden cable on the carburetor side something.

The carburetor was intentionally equipped without accelerator pump to prevent over-lubrication of the engines. This carburetor is the everyday version of the performance increase and for 4T engines from 85cc – 180ccm can be used. The included carburetor injection was however tuned for the 85ccm [51mm] engines.

Carburettor nozzles for tuning can be selected at the bottom of the list. For mounting the use of the “24mm Intake Socket Kit” is recommended.

The carburetor can be used as a spare part from 125cc engines. Main

nozzle 102
Secondary nozzle 35
Connection width of intake manifold: 32mm Air
filter connection width: 42mm