MFR Sports Full Drive Sheave for Yamaha Zuma 125, Yamaha Cygnus 125, Yamaha Tricity 125


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Universal 6 Slides 2 Curve Lengthened Secondary Sliding Sheave
Six ditches can be selected in accordance with the demand angle Fast acceleration Lengthening stroke Low speed High torque High speed Excellent extensible.
 Driven Face: Aluminum
Torque Camshaft and Material:Assembly of Aluminum Driven-Face.
Torque Camshaft adopts two kinds of Cam grooves.
You can choose your favorite characteristics.”Line” Shaped Cam groove
It demonstrates absolutely large power when re-acceleration and overtaking accelerate.
Fee Ring as if it comes with Throttle in conjunction with Guigui vehicles demonstrates absolutely large power in the streets, mountains, and Mini circuits.
→ Corresponds to vehicles that are remodeling Bore upetc.
(If there is no power, the maximum speed will be down.)”Ha character” Shaped Cam groove
Focus on elongation at high speed range.
Top of “Elongation feels good!” It is popular.
→ It corresponds to all vehicles including STD Engine Displacement.

The combination of MFRPulleyPro and SportsDriven CamshaftKit further extends Top End.

Lightweight: 1270g

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Weight 5 lbs

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