Dian Kehan Full Torque Sheave For Zuma 125cc


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Dian Kehan Full Torque Sheave For Zuma 125cc

Get maximum performance out of your clutch for your Yamaha Zuma 125 with this Adjustable Clutch Pulley Assembly.

With the OEM clutch pulley sheave you are only stuck at one ramp angle and really can’t tune its performance.

However, the Adjustable Clutch Pulley Assembly has two ramp angles and you can switch them to suit your needs! The first ramp is straight, 45 degree angle.

This allows for constant speed throughout the clutch’s range. The second is a dual angle going from 35 degrees to 60 degrees. The 35 degree angle allows you to build up speed quickly and then the 60 degree keeps that speed going. If you want more adjust-ability in your CVT Transmission system in your Zuma 125, you need the Adjustable Clutch Pulley Assembly!

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