Naraku Performance Sport Variator for PGO Genuine Scooters Buddy 50, Roughhouse R50, PMX 50, Ligero 50, Bubu 50


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This variator features an insertion in the slider bearings, otherwise found on the Polini Overrange variators. This ensures better heat dispersion and collects excess drive belt particles from the sleeve. This makes for smooth operation, even under race conditions. Prevents the sleeve from grabbing or sticking when under extreme heat.

Suitable for:
PGO Big Max 50 G-Max 50 PMX 50 RodoShow 50 (2000-) T-Rex 50 Trippi 50 (TR3) Trike Ligero 50 (2-Takt) Ligero RS 50 My Bubu 50 (2003-) Black Magic 50 Dr. Big 50 Hot 50 (2006-) Bug-Rider 50 (2006-) X-Rider 50 (2004-2005) XL-Rider 50 (2007-2008) BOLWELL Scoota (AUSTRALIA) GYPSY 50cc 101s 50cc GENUINE (USA) Buddy 50 Roughhouse R50, Please note the PGO models have different names in different markets. Buddy model is Metro in Canada, Ligero scooter in UK. Works on all Genuine Buddy 50cc editions including the International editions.

Naraku is one of the best known scooter brands from Taiwan. The company has made a name for itself when it comes to after-market racing scooter products and professional replacement engine parts. As our top performance brand we carry the full range of performance products. When selecting Naraku or any major performance brand we suggest not to mix and match brands know that Naraku components are designed to work with other Naraku components for the best performance possibilities. Keeping your racing upgrades in the same brand makes it easier to tune since they are designed to work with each other. Naraku is one of our top tier brands with our highest recommendation. They have an excellent price range, model selection, and the highest quality. For all your Naraku needs make sure to select Racing Planet USA.

Please check your engine before ordering to make sure you have a PGO or Genuine Scooter from the Genuine Scooter Company. Naraku Performance Sport Variator item NK900.22



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