CPI Starter Clutch Free Wheel Set behind Variator


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Starter Free Wheel Set CPI (behind variator)

A distinguishing feature of motor scooters is the variator, an ingeniously simple means of achieving continuously variable power transmission. Proper maintenance and correct adjustment will improve the road performance of your scooter.

hen it comes to the maintenance and tuning of your scooter, you’ll find that the variator is pretty much at the top of the agenda. This is because, on the one hand, its components are subject to a certain degree of wear and tear, and on the other, a badly tuned variator can cause sluggish engine performance.

To understand the workings of your variator, think of the transmission of a bicycle with derailleur gears (such as a mountain bike), which most of us are familiar with. When you move off, you use a small sprocket at the front and a large one at the back. Then, as your speed increases and you have to overcome less resistance (e.g. on a downhill stretch), you shift the chain to a larger sprocket at the front and a smaller one at the back.

The variator works in a similar way except that it uses a drive belt instead of a chain, is continuously variable and is automatically controlled via centrifugal force adjustment, depending on the speed of rotation. The drive belt runs in a V-shaped gap between two V-pulley halves at the front and back. The two pulleys halves are a variable distance apart on their shaft. The front inner pulley half also acts as the housing for the variator roller centrifugal weights, which run along precisely calculated curved paths. A contra spring presses the V-pulley halves against each other at the rear. As you start up your scooter, the drive belt runs close to the shaft at the front and at the top of the pulley at the rear. When you open the throttle, the rotational speed of the variator increases and the centrifugal force pushes the roller weights outwards. They in turn press the movable pulley half outwards along the shaft. The gap between the two pulley halves becomes smaller, and the drive belt is forced out to a larger radius. Because the drive belt cannot stretch, it is also forced downwards at the back against the spring force. The end position of the belt is ultimately the exact opposite to its starting position, so you now have a high (speed-increasing) gear ratio instead of a low (speed-reducing) ratio.

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:

Firejet 50cc 2-stroke AC (YY50QT-27)ATU
Classic 50cc
Race 2 stroke AC
Race GT 50 (after 2010)
Race GT 50 (until 2009)
Spin GE50 2 stroke ACADLY (HER CHEE)
ATV 50cc AC (Quad)
AirTech 50cc
AirTech 50cc LC
Blizzard GTA 50cc
Cat 50cc
GTA 50cc
GTC 50cc
Jet 50cc
Matador 50cc 2 stroke AC
Noble 50cc
PR 5 S
Panther 50cc
Silver Fox 50cc
Super Sonic 50cc
TB 50cc AC
Thunderbike 50cc
Vanguard 50cc 2 stroke ACBAOTIAN
BT49QT-18C1 50cc (1E40QMA) 2-stroke
BT49QT-20C 50cc (1E40QMA) 2-stroke
BT49QT-28A 50cc (1E40QMA) 2-stroke
BT50QT-28B 2-stroke
Rocky 50cc 2-stroke (BT49QT-18E1) (1E40QMA)
Tanco 50cc 2-stroke (BT49QT-18F1) (1E40QMA)

Pepe LX 50cc
QuattronoveX (49X) 50cc 2-stroke AC

GT 50cc 2-stroke
K2 50cc 2-stroke
Speedo 50cc 2-stroke
Speedy 50cc 2-stroke

YY50QT-27 50cc 2-stroke

Fox 50cc AC – Minarelli horiz. CPI
Rex 50c AC – Minarelli horiz. CPI

Aragon 50cc
Aragon GP 50cc
Bingo / Tennessee 50cc (before 2003)
Bravo 50cc
Formular R 50cc
Freaky 50cc
GTR 50cc LC – Minarelli horiz.
Hussar 50cc AC (after 2003) – Min horiz. (pin 12mm)
Hussar 50cc AC (before 2003) – Min horiz. (pin 10mm)
Oliver 50cc AC (after 2003) – Min horiz. (pin 12mm)
Oliver 50cc AC (before 2003) – Min horiz. (pin 10mm)
Oliver City 50cc AC 2-stroke (12mm) (after 2005)
Oliver Sport 50cc AC 2-stroke (12mm) (after 2005)
Popcorn 50c AC (after 2003) – Min horiz. (pin 12mm)
Popcorn 50cc AC (before 2003) – Min horiz. (pin 10mm)

F8 50cc 2-stroke

TB 50cc (Thunder Bike)

Candy 50cc
Classic 50cc
Commodo 50cc
Cracker 50cc 2-stroke
Hi 50cc
Iron 50cc
Jump 50cc
Kallio 50cc New Edition
Kallio 50cc old version
Race GT 50 (as from 2010)
Race GT50 2-stroke AC
Race GT50 Limited 2-stroke AC
Race GT50 Sondermodell EM 2012
Speed 50cc
Spin GE50 2-stroke AC
Spin GE50 Blue Edition 2-stroke AC
Twister 50cc

Classic 50cc
Classic Union Jack 50cc
Jump 50cc
Omen Toxic 50cc
Paradise 50cc 2 stroke
Vendetta 50cc 2 stroke

Force 50cc 2 stroke
Manhattan 50cc 2 stroke
Tempesta 50cc 2 stroke
Veloce 50cc 2 stroke

GSP 50cc LC
Xò 50cc 2-stroke

Candy 50cc
Classic 50cc
Commodo 50cc
Cracker 50cc
Epico 50cc 2-stroke
Evolution 50cc
Hi 50cc
Ideo 50cc AC
Iron 50cc
Jump 50cc 2-stroke
Kallio 50cc
Onxy 50cc 2-stroke
Pandora 50cc 2-stroke
Race 2 50cc 2-stroke
Race 50cc 2-stroke
Race GT 2 50cc
Race GT 50cc
Roc 50cc
Sirion 50cc 2-stroke
Speed 50cc
Spin GE 50cc
Stroke 50cc
Toxic 50cc 2-stroke
Vertigo 50cc 2 stroke
XOR 2 50cc 2-stroke
XOR 50cc AC

Matador 50cc
PR 5 S 50cc
Vanguard 50cc

Cool 50cc
PT 50cc

Streetfight 50cc 2 stroke
Viper 50cc 2 stroke

GT3 50cc 2-stroke
GT5.2 50cc 2-stroke
YY50QT-27 (2 stroke)

Zeus B12 50cc [JSD50QT-9B] (2-Takt)

Warrior 50cc (2-stroke)

K50cc 2-stroke

Agora 50cc 2-stroke
Arn 50cc 2-stroke
Easy 50cc 2-stroke after 2009
F-Act 50cc
F-Act 50cc 2-stroke after 2009
F-Act NKD Naked 50cc 2-stroke
F-Act Racing SP 50cc 2-stroke after 2009
Flash 50cc
Focus 50cc
Goccia 50cc
Hacker 50cc
Hurricane 50cc
Matrix 50cc
Matrix SP (V3) 50cc 2-stroke (2007-2008)
Matrix SP (V4) 50cc 2-stroke (after 2009)
Pixel 50cc 2-stroke after 2009
RX8 50cc
RY6 50cc
RY6 50cc 2-stroke after 2009
RY8 50cc
RY8 EVO 50cc 2-stroke
RY8 Racing 50cc 2-stroke
RY8 SP 50cc 2-stroke
Swan 50cc
Venus 50cc 2-stroke

Florett 2.0 RS 50cc AC
Florett 2.1 RS 50cc AC
Florett RMC E 50cc
Florett RMC F 50cc
Galactica 2.0 50cc AC
Galactica 2.0 RC 50cc AC
Galactica 2.0 RS DD 50cc
Galactica 3.0 50cc LC
Galactica 3.0 RS 50cc AC
Galactica 50cc
Hiker 2.0 50cc
Hiker 50cc
Jigger 50cc 2-stroke
Vabene 50cc

S-Force 50cc 2 stroke
S-Ray 50cc (2 stroke)

Digita 50cc 2-stroke
Estate 50cc 2-stroke
Excatly 50cc (2 stroke)
F1 50cc 2-stroke
Firefox 50cc 2-stroke
Grido 50cc 2-stroke
LJ50QT-F 50cc 2-stroke
LJ50QT-K 50cc 2-stroke
New Pach 5cc 2-stroke
Speedjet-Evo 50cc 2-stroke
Speedjet 50 LC 2-stroke
Trevis 50cc 2-stroke
Two Liquid 50cc 2-stroke
Versus 50cc 2-stroke
Zero One 50cc 2 stroke

F10 Wap 50cc (CPI after 2008)
F12 Phantom 50cc AC (CPI after 2007)

Desire Race 50cc 2-stroke
Force Racing 50cc 2-stroke
Power Star 50cc 2-stroke
Racing Power 50cc 2-stroke
KB 50cc AC 2 temps

BS1 Eco 50cc AC 2-stroke
Imola RS 50cc
Imola SE 50cc
Modena 50cc
Pesaro Replica 50cc
Pesaro SS 50cc

MF50QT 50cc 2-stroke

Roadster 50cc 2-stroke
Uptown 50cc 2-stroke

City Hooper 50cc 2-stroke
Polly 50cc 2-stroke
Sprint 50cc 2-stroke
Tria 50cc 2-stroke

Crogen RS 50cc LC 2-stroke
Crogen Sport / City 50cc AC 2-stroke
Magnet 50cc 2-stroke
Magnet RS 50cc LC 2-stroke
Magnet Sport / City 50cc AC 2-stroke

Forza 50cc 2 stroke

Anthony 50cc 2-stroke
Max 50cc 2-stroke
Moskito Classico 50cc 2-stroke
Moskito FB 50cc Base 2-stroke after 2003
Moskito FB 50cc Base 2-stroke temps (until 2002)
Moskito RX 50cc 2-stroke (after 2003)
Moskito RX 50cc 2-stroke (until 2002)
Moskito SX 50cc 2-stroke (after 2003)
Moskito SX 50cc 2-stroke (until 2002)

Energy 50cc 2 stroke
F35 50cc 2 stroke
GT3 1.0 50cc 2 stroke
GT3 2.0 50cc 2 stroke
GT 50cc 2 stroke
GT extreme 50cc 2 stroke
Grido 50cc 2 stroke
Nova Sport 50cc 2 stroke

Viaggio RX8 50cc 2-stroke

BT49QT-20CA 50cc Force (1E40QMA) 2-stroke

B-05 50cc 2-stroke
B-08 50cc 2-stroke

Escape 50cc AC
Flash 50cc
RS 2.50 2-stroke QM50T-10A(B)
Rex 50cc 2-stroke AC (MK50)
Rexy 50cc 2-stroke AC (MK50)
Silverstreet 50cc AC

RIDE 50cc
Classic 50cc
Classic Union Jack 50cc
Evolution 50cc
Jump 50cc
Omen Toxic 50cc
Paradise 50cc 2 stroke
Vendetta 50cc

Avenger 50cc 2 stroke
Fahnder 50cc 2 stroke
Matador 50cc 2 stroke
Roadrunner 50cc 2 stroke
Super Sonic 50cc 2 stroke
Virtuality 50cc 2 stroke
Zero One 50cc 2 stroke

GTX 50

GP 50cc
Linos 50cc
Phoenix 50cc
Phoenix II 50cc
Racing 50cc
SP2 50cc
VR 50cc
XR 50cc

Bee 2 50cc
Bee 50cc
Eagle 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm)
SX1 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm)
Speedforce R 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm)
Speedjet 50cc 2-stroke AC (12mm)
Speedjet R 50cc AC
Speedjet RS 50cc LC

Zero One 50cc 2 stroke

Zero One 50cc 2 stroke

Zero One 50cc 2 stroke

Basic 50cc 2-stroke
Eagle 50cc 2-stroke
Excatly 50cc 2-stroke
GR8 50cc 2-stroke
Grido 50cc 2-stroke
Grizzy 50cc 2-stroke
Hawk 50cc 2-stroke
MaxX 50cc 2-stroke
Phantom 50cc 2-stroke

LS49 50cc 2-stroke
SS49 50cc 2-stroke
Venice 49 50cc 2-stroke

Grido 50cc 2 stroke
Otto 50cc 2 stroke
Roma 50cc 2 stroke
Strike 50cc 2 stroke

Classic 50cc 2-stroke

Capri 50cc 2-stroke
Cubana 50cc 2-stroke
Fiera 50cc 2-stroke
Fuego 50cc 2-stroke
Mambo 50cc 2-stroke
Mistral 50cc 2-stroke
Movida 50cc 2-stroke
Samba 50cc 2-stroke
Strada 50cc 2-stroke

Triton 50cc 2-stroke
ZIP 50cc 2-stroke

RX8 50cc 2-stroke

Bob 50cc [ZN50QT-25F] (2-stroke)
Bobby 50cc [ZN50QT-25C] (2-stroke)
Bomb 50cc [ZN50QT-25A] (2-stroke)
Eyas 50cc [ZN50QT-25D] (2-stroke)
Falcon 2 50cc [N50QT-7A] (2-stroke)
Falcon 3 50cc [ZN50QT-7B] (2-stroke)
Falcon 4 50cc [ZN50QT-7C] (2-stroke)
Falcon 5 50cc [ZN50QT-7D] (2-stroke)
King 50cc [ZN50QT-19C] (2-stroke)
Owl 50cc [ZN50QT-25E] (2-stroke)
Snail 50cc [ZN50QT-A] (2-stroke)
Sun 2 50cc [ZN50QT-11C] (2-stroke)
Sun 50cc [ZN50QT-11C] (2-stroke)
Wacky 50cc [ZN50QT-25] (2-stroke)
ZN50QT 50cc 2-stroke

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