Stage6 Reed Valve VFORCE3 for Minarelli AM6 (MBK / Peugeot / Yamaha / Aprilia / Malaguti)


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Stage6 Reed Valve VFORCE3 Minarelli AM6, high performance intake reed valve system for tuned engines.

The Stage6 Reed Valve V-Force3 is the result of a successful collaboration with Moto Tassinari, renowned US manufacturer of top quality reed valves for motocross. The unique and patented V-shaped design with double reed tip surface (8 petals) creates a larger intake area which leads to optimized flow and cylinder filling. If you are looking for maximum performance, use the venturi stuffer that comes with the reed valve.

Recommended for use with tuned engines. Combine with carburetors up to 24mm.

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:

AF1 50cc (AM6)
MX 50cc (AM6)
RS 50cc (AM6) – (after 1999)
RS 50cc (AM6) – (before 1999)
RX 50cc (AM6)
RX Enduro 50 (until 2003 AM6)
Special Engine AM6
Tuono 50cc (AM6)BETA
RK6 50cc (AM6)
RR-T Enduro 50cc (AM6) – (tubular)
RR-T SM 50cc (AM6) – (tubular)
RR 50cc Motard
RR Alu Enduro 50cc (AM6) – (perimeter)
RR Alu SM 50cc (AM6) – (perimeter)
RR Enduro 50cc (AM6) – (tubular)
RR SM 50cc (AM6) – (tubular)

WSM SM Racing 50cc (AM6, Euro 2)
WXE Enduro Racing 50cc (AM6, Euro 2)

Caballero SM 50cc
Regolarita Casa 50cc

Trigger SM 50cc (AM6)
Trigger X-Enduro 50cc (AM6)
X-Enduro 50cc (AM6)
Cre/Baja Enduro 50cc (version 2006) AM6
Cre/Six SM 50cc (version 2005) AM6
Cre/Six SM 50cc (version 2006) AM6
Dérapage SM Compétition 50cc (version 2005) AM6
Dérapage SM Compétition 50cc (version 2006) AM6

CH Racing 50cc (AM6)
SM Cross 50cc (AM6)
WR 50cc (until 2000 AM6)
WSM 50cc after 2000

X-Limit Enduro 50cc (after 2003) AM6 (perimeter)
X-Limit Enduro 50cc (before 2003) AM6 – (tubular)
X-Limit SM 50cc (after 2003) AM6 – (perimeter)
X-Limit SM 50cc (before 2003) AM6 – (tubular)
X-Power 50cc (AM6) – (after 2003)
X-Power 50cc (AM6) – (before 2003)

Drakon Naked 50cc (AM6)
XSM Supermotard 50cc (AM6) – (after 2003)
XTM Enduro 50cc (AM6) – (after 2003)

Furia Max Enduro/SM 50cc (AM6) – (tubular)
RX Super Racing 50cc (AM6)
RYZ Enduro/SM 50cc (AM6) – (perimeter)

XP6-Enduro 50cc (AM6) – (tubular)
XP6-Supermotard 50cc (AM6) – (tubular)
XPS-Enduro 50cc (AM6) – (perimeter)
XPS-Street EVO2 50cc (AM6) – (perimeter)
XPS-Supermotard 50cc (AM6) – (perimeter)
XR6 50cc (AM6)

MRT 50cc
MRT 50cc Pro
MRT 50cc Pro SM
MRT 50cc SM
MRX Enduro 50cc Pro (AM6)
MRX Euduro 50cc (AM6)
RR Enduro 50cc (AM6)
RS-1 Evolution 50cc (AM6)
RS2 Matrix 50cc (AM6)
RS2 NKD 50cc (AM6)
RS3 50cc
SMX SM 50cc (AM6)
SMX SM 50cc Pro (AM6)
Spike 2 50cc (AM6)

Enduro 50cc (AM6)
Enduro SHARK 50cc (AM6)
HRD Enduro 50cc (AM6)
Supermotard 50cc (AM6)
Supermotard Champion Replica 50cc(AM6)
Supermotard IPONE Replica 50cc (AM6)
Supermotard Shark 50cc (AM6)

DT 50cc (1995-02) AM6
DT 50cc (as from 2003) AM6
DTR Enduro 50cc (after 2003) AM6 – (perimeter)
DTR Enduro 50cc (before 2003) AM6 – (tubular)
DTX SM 50cc (after 2003) AM6 – (perimeter)
DTX SM 50cc (before 2003) AM6 – (tubular)
TZR 50cc (AM6) – (after 2003)
TZR 50cc (AM6) – (before 2003)

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