Minarelli Naraku Performance Cylinder Kit Naraku 70cc 10mm for Minarelli Horizontal AC Engines Aprilia, CPI Oliver, Malaguti F-12, MuZ Moskito 50, ModCycles 2T, Genuine Scooters Roughhouse 50cc


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Minarelli High-torque 70cc NARAKU cylinder kit. This cylinder kit is not designed to be revvy, but rather it shows its strengths in the lower range. Just above the idling speed comes solid, constant and very strong acceleration. All that, without straining the engine at unnecessarily high engine speeds. The power output from standing make for very good starting and traffic light getaways, and “hill climbing” is made easier, even with pillion! The sound is fairly standard. This cylinder highly suitable for everyday use, because the performance improvement can be achieved using the original exhaust system. Compatible for original and sports exhaust systems. Jetting must be increased [+7% to 10%]. We recommend using a head with a chamber suitable for a 70cc cylinder, such as the Naraku 70cc head.

The cylinder can however run using the standard head. This creates higher compression and the electric starter could have issues turning the engine.

This is for the 10mm piston pin version scooters.

Naraku is one of the best known scooter brands from Taiwan. The company has made a name for itself when it comes to after-market racing scooter products and professional replacement engine parts. As our in-house performance brand we carry the full range of Minarelli 50cc and 70cc performance products. When selecting a Minarelli Naraku upgrade or any major performance brand we suggest not to mix and match brands know that Naraku components are designed to work with other Naraku components for the best performance possibilities. Keeping your racing upgrades in the same brand makes it easier to tune since they are designed to work with each other. Naraku is one of our top tier brands with our highest recommendation. They have an excellent price range, model selection, and the highest quality.

Supported Models:

ATV 50 RS XXL Supersonic
Adly (Her Chee) ATV 50 V
Adly (Her Chee) ATV 50 XXL Supercross
Adly (Her Chee) AirTec 50 AC
Adly (Her Chee) Blizzard GTA 50
Adly (Her Chee) Cat 50
Adly (Her Chee) Jet 50
Adly (Her Chee) Matador 50
Adly (Her Chee) Noble 50
Adly (Her Chee) PR 5 S 50
Adly (Her Chee) Panther 50
Adly (Her Chee) Silverfox 5005
Adly (Her Chee) Silverfox 50 06
Adly (Her Chee) Thunder Bike 50
Adly (Her Chee) Vanguard 50
Aprilia Gulliver 50 AC 96 98 ZD4LH02
Aprilia Rally 50 AC 96 04 ZD4MD0
Aprilia SR 50 AC 94 96 [Minarelli] ZD4MR
Aprilia SR 50 WWW AC 00 02 [Minarelli] ZD4LY
Aprilia SR 50 WWW AC 97 00 [Minarelli] ZD4LY
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 2T AC 93 97 [Minarelli]
Aprilia Scarabeo 50 2T AC 97 06 [Minarelli] ZD4PF
Aprilia Sonic 50 AC 98 07 [Minarelli] ZD4PBB0
Baotian BTM BT49QT 18C1 B010 (1E40QMA)
Baotian BTM BT49QT 18E1 Rocky (1E40QMA)
Baotian BTM BT49QT 18F1 Tanco (1E40QMA)
Baotian BTM BT49QT 20C (1E40QMA)
Baotian BTM BT49QT 28A (1E40QMA)
Benelli 491 GT 50 AC ( 03) [Minarelli]
Benelli 491 ST 50 ( 03) [Minarelli]
Benelli K2 50 AC ( 03) [Minarelli]
Benelli Naked 50 AC ( 03) [Minarelli]
Benelli Pepe 50 ( 03) [Minarelli]
Benero GT 50 2T
Benero GT 50 2T Black Edition
Benero K2 50 2T
Benero Speedo 50 2T
Benero Speedy 50 2T
Beta Ark 50 AC
Beta Chrono 50
Beta Quadra 50
Beta Tempo 50
CPI Bingo 50 Tennesse 502003
CPI Hussar 50 (E1)2003
CPI Oliver 50 (E1)2003
CPI Popcorn 50 (E1)2003
Dinli DL 601 50ccm
Dinli DL 603 50ccm
Eppella TB 50 (Thunder Bike)
GT Union Force 50 2T
GT Union Manhattan 50 2T
GT Union Tempesta 50 2T
GT Union Veloce 50 2T
Herkules ATV 50 RS XXL Supersonic
Herkules ATV 50 V
Herkules ATV 50 XXL Supercross
Herkules Matador 50
Herkules PR 5 S 50
Herkules Vanguard 50
KTM Ark 50 AC
KTM Chrono 50
KTM Quadra 50
KTM Tempo 50
Kreidler Flory 50 2
Longjia Zero One 50 2T
MBK Evolis 50 934FW
MBK Fizz 50 954RC
MBK Flipper 50 99SA03
MBK Forte 50 953UG
MBK Mach G 50 AC 02SA22
MBK Ovetto 50 2T 02 03 SA15
MBK Ovetto 50 2T 04 07 SA21
MBK Ovetto 50 2T 08 12 SA34
MBK Ovetto 50 2T 132AP
MBK Ovetto 50 2T 97 01 5AD
MBK Ovetto 50 One 2T 132DK
Malaguti Centro 50 2T
Malaguti Ciak 50
Malaguti F10 Cat. 50 (99 )
Malaguti F10 Jet Line 50 ( 99)
Malaguti F10 Wap 50 (04 )
Malaguti F12 Phantom 50 AC ( 03)
Malaguti F12 Phantom 50 AC (04 07)
Malaguti F15 Firefox 50 AC (04 )
Malaguti Yesterday 50
Yamaha Axis 50 3UG 5AK
Yamaha Breeze 50 4RC
Yamaha Jog 50 92 01 4SC, 3SA
Yamaha Jog 50 R AC 02 12 SA22
Yamaha Jog 50 R AC 13SA486
Yamaha Neos 50 2T 02 03 SA151
Yamaha Neos 50 2T 04 07 SA211
Yamaha Neos 50 2T 08 12 SA34
Yamaha Neos 50 2T 13SA451
Yamaha Neos 50 2T 97 01 5AD
Yamaha Neos Easy 50 2T 13SA457
Yamaha Why 50 02 03 SA03B
Yamaha Why 50 04 13 SA03E
Yamaha Why 50 99 01 SA036
Yamaha Zest 50 93 99 4FW

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