Top Performance (Malossi) Overdrive CVT Belt for Honda SH, Pantheon 125-150cc Dimensions: 920-22.2-30


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Top Performances Drive Belt for maxi scooters Honda SH / Pantheon ie 125cc – 150cc. Reinforced drive belt, stronger than OEM belt.

Dimensions: 920-22.2-30

The Drive Belt is the bridge between the variatior and the rear wheel in many respects. The CVT gearing system encompasses two parts, the Variator (at the front, driven by the crank) and the Torque Driver (at the rear, connected to the clutch and then Malossi X K BELT the rear wheel). The torque driver is tension-ed by the torque spring (also called the “contra spring”) which acts as a tensioner for the belt with the variatior as well as by placing demand on the belt which in balance with the weight of the rollers in the variatior and revolution of the motor forces the transmission back into a lower gear when the revs of the scooter decrease. The belt not only carries the wight of both the scooter and the rider, but also the force of the motor – and as you might imagine this is not only a crucial role but a hard wearing job. Add to this that with stage 1 & 2 complete the motor is now producing twice the power, putting twice the strain on the belt. its not hard to work out the benefit of installing a performance belt. A performance belt is basically just designed and made stronger, to be able to handle higher load and cope with more punishment. Performance belts often bare the addition of composite materials like Kevlar and Carbon. The draw back of these materials is that they make the belt much stiffer, which can have an effect on the operation of variator (not necessarily negative, but not always desired). Because of this Malossi make two range of performance drive belts, the ‘Kevlar Belt’ and the ‘Special Belt’. The Special Belt is stronger than the original belt, while still remaining similarly flexible to the original belt as not to effect variation too much.

Your product goes with the following manufacturers and their models:

125cc 4-stroke LC (NES)
150cc 4-stroke LC (NES)
Dylan 125cc 4-stroke LC (SES)
Dylan 150cc 4-stroke LC (SES)
PS 125cc i.e. euro3
PS 150cc i.e. euro3
Pantheon 125cc i.e. after 2003 (FES – JF12)
Pantheon 150cc i.e. after 2003 (FES – KF06)
SH / Scoopy 125cc 4-stroke LC
SH / Scoopy 150cc 4-stroke LC
SH 125cc i.e. 4-stroke LC
SH 125cc i.e. euro3 after 2009
SH 150cc i.e. 4-stroke LC
Centro 125cc i.e. euro3 4-stroke LC
Centro 160cc i.e. euro3 4-stroke LC

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