Naraku Scooter High-Performance CVT Overdrive Belt Performance Drive Belt Type size 669*18*30 for 139QMB, QMA 10″ Scooters


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Naraku Scooter High Performance Drive Belt Naraku type 669mm / size 669*18*30 for 139QMB, QMA 10″ Scooters

This is a fantastic low-cost and good quality, standard QMB139 replacement belt from NARAKU. The grip provides good acceleration, low loss of traction and optimal power transfer. The belt construction and materials are purposely designed by the manufacturer for standard and mildly-tuned engines to have good flex and keep loss of power to a minimum. For tuned machines, we recommend the Naraku VS or the Malossi belt Suitable for the GY6 50cc QMB139, 139QMB/QMA Scooter engines with 10 “wheels or an original size of 669-18-30.

As a guide, the distance between the crankshaft and the transmission input shaft (this is where the clutch bell sits). This belt is suitable were this measurement is approx. 22.5 cm

Dimensions: 669-18-30

Item Naraku, NK90002, NK900.02

Naraku is one of the best known high-performance QMB139 50cc GY6 parts scooter brands from Taiwan. The company has made a name for itself when it comes to after-market racing scooter products and professional replacement engine parts. As our in-house performance brand we carry the full range of performance products. When selecting Naraku or any major performance brand we suggest not to mix and match brands know that Naraku components are designed to work with other Naraku components for the best performance possibilities. Keeping your racing upgrades in the same brand makes it easier to tune since they are designed to work with each other. Naraku is one of our top tier brands with our highest recommendation. They have an excellent price range, model selection, and the highest quality.

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