GY6 Naraku High-Performance 150cc Racing Clutch
Known as the Naraku Sport Clutch for GY6 125cc, 150cc, and above engines has been one of the best sellers in the Taiwan and European race scene.

Solid sports clutch that engages 1500-2000rpm higher than standard, meaning better take off drive and traffic light starts. Designed to engage at a higher RPM than a stock clutch, allowing for better take-off ppower. An easy upgrade that delivers incredible performance for the price. Fiber reinforced clutch blocks ensure even longer life for standard to medium race-tuned engines. Make sure to check your engine before ordering that it is a GY6 Honda style 125cc or GY6 150cc. Designed for the QMI152, QMI157, QMJ152, QMJ157, Kymco 150, Honda GY6 series engines. Works on GY6, ZNEN GY6B, CFMoto, GY6 Quads, GY6 UTVs, GY6 Buggies, and more.


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Weight3 lbs