Daytona (Japan) Super Sprint Variator Weight Roller 16×13 Honda Dio, 139qmb, GY6-50. 5 Gram


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Outer Diameter Φ16 x Width 13mm
Quantity: 1 Set of 3pcs.
The DAYTONA Standard weight roller (Japan product) has a reputation for race-oriented and high-grade orientation.
It achieves high durability by using special plastic material and high quality control. It is provided in easy to use quantity setting for weight setting.The color-coded inner metal makes it easy to determine the weight.

* Check the outer diameter size before purchasing.
* The installation direction (towards pulley) is specified. Please check the resin stopper side, and make sure to install it in the correct direction.
* If incorrectly installed, the weight area will get out from the resin and damage the inner wall of the pulley to cause serious trouble. (Not included in warranty)
* Make sure to test drive when replaced, and exchange on a regular basis.
* Weight Roller on incorporation. Pulley weight grease Please apply
Points of Attention
* If there may be an instruction manual included, it will be written in Japanese.

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Weight .5 lbs