GY6 Scooter Universal Two Piston Brake Caliper for Rear Disc Brake incl. pads for GY6 125/150cc 152/157QMI/J by 101 Octane Scooter Parts

Made by 101 Octane these are Universal parts for scooters GY6 engines and components. 101 Octane are high quality GY6 125cc – 200cc parts and accessories. You can buy with confidence for 101 Octane is one of the best parts brands we offer.

Rear brake calliper, incl. brake pads. Suitable for vehicles with rear disc brakes.

Application List:

Adly (Her Chee)-Noble 125
Adly (Her Chee)-Vanguard 125
Baja-RT150 4T
Baja-SC150 4T
Baotian / BTM-BT125T-12C1 B010
Baotian / BTM-BT125T-12E1 Rocky
Baotian / BTM-BT125T-12F1 Tanco
Baotian / BTM-BT125T-2A
Baotian / BTM-BT125T-2B2
Baotian / BTM-BT125T-3A2
Baotian / BTM-BT125T-3A4
Baotian / BTM-BT125T-3B6

Baotian / BTM-BT125T-8A
Baotian / BTM-BT125T-8B
Fly Scooters-Cadenza 150 4T
Fly Scooters-IL Bello 150 4T
Gorilla Motor Works-Black Jack II 150 4T
Herkules-Vanguard 125
Jmstar-Eagle 150 4T
Jonway-150T-28 4T
Jonway-Delta 150 4T
Jonway-Epsilon YY150T-12 150 4T
Jonway-YY150T-2 150 4T
Kreidler-RMC D125

Kreidler-RMC F125
Lance-GS-R 150 4T
Lance-Pheonix 150 4T
Lance-Venice ZN150T-20 150 4T
Lance-Vintage 150 4T
Longbo-LB150QT-2 Voyager 150 4T
Longbo-LB150T-12 Adventure 150 4T
Massimo-SL150-18B 150 4T
Massimo-SL150-6 150 4T
Moto Zeta-Rally 125
Motofino-MF150QT-10D 150 4T

Motorro-Storm 125
Motowell-Retrosa 125
MuZ / MZ-Moskito 125R 4T
Puma-Falcon ZN150T-18 150 4T
Puma-Juliet 150 4T
Puma-Romeo 150 4T
Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi)-QM125T-10A
Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi)-QM125T-10A(A)
Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi)-QM125T-10D
Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi)-QM125T-10H
Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi)-RS 1000
Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi)-RS 1100

Qingqi (Jinan Qingqi)-RS 1100
Roketa-Bali MC-13 150 4T
Roketa-Capri MC-16 150 4T
Schwinn-Hope 150 4T
Schwinn-Newport 150 4T
SunL-SL150-18B 150 4T
SunL-SL150-6 150 4T
TNG-DR150 150 4T
TNG-Low Boy 150 4T
TNG-Milano 150 4T
Tank-Racer 150 4T
Vento-Phantom 150 4T

Xingyue-ITA-150 4T
Znen-Classic ZN150T-E 150 4T
Znen-Venice ZN150T-20 150 4T
Znen-ZN150T-18 150 4T

Additional information

Weight2 lbs