101 Octane Locking Tool / Holding Tool – Variator / Alternator / Clutch


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Universal locking tool for working on the variator, flywheel mass/alternator or clutch. Rotating parts can be hard to loosen and tighten. This universal tool has 2 moving arms and 2 different sized pins (5mm/9mm) meaning it can be used on 100% of all vehicles. The pins slot into the openings on the clutch or alternator and used to brace. Makes opening the variator easy by locking the flywheel. It doesn’t get more comprehensive than that. Suitable for 50-500cc 2- and 4-stroke scooters and quads.

Universal Product – This part is non application specific. Please verify compatibility for your scooter before purchase. If it is an after-market racing scooter product please measure your original item and scooter, certain modifications might be needed.

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