Naraku Ignition coil high output – 1 pin


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NARAKU Racing ignition coil with high-end secondary coiling. With this coil, the secondary voltage is almost doubled.
The ignition voltage of the original ignition coil is approx. 16,000v. With the “race high tension coil” ignition from Naraku released 31,000v! The advantage lies in the better “translation” of the original input power. High ignition voltage ensures clean ignition at extremely high speeds and cold temperatures. It’s not just tuning freaks that will get their money’s worth, even with the cold start issues, the NARAKU coil is still a top choice.
There are two versions of the coil available: the easiest way of distinguishing between the two is the cable connectors on the coil. Please check beforehand if the original coil has 1 or 2 connectors / pins.

The ignition coil is supplied with silicon seals. The spark plug lead can of course be replaced with another one.