Kitaco Light Bore Up Kit for Yamaha JOG-ZR, Giggle, C3, NEO, Zuma50F


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Aluminum Hard Plating Cylinder
Engine Displacement: 63cc
Bore Diameter: Φ43
Stroke: 43.5mm (STD )
Piston: Casting
•It is drastic acceleration & power! It is a long-awaited bore up kit appeared in Injection JOG! It generates a huge torque that does not exist in 50 cc, making it possible to accelerate 100 cc class.
•It adopts an all aluminum hard plating liner for the cylinder. It optimizes the water jacket and gallery section and ensures high durability and heat dissipation.
•The piston burns efficiently the atomized mixed gas at a stroke by adopting a head shape that gives priority to combustion efficiency.
•It applies nitriding treatment to the bow-up dedicated high cam shaft and improves initial conformability.
*It does not correspond because October 2015- JOG model are subjected to a minor changes. The correspondence are the following model.
*Non-corresponding Model: JOG PETIT (3P3N)/JOG/(3P3K) /JOG-DX (3P3L) /JOG-ZR (3P3M)
*It requires I-MAP separately during installation.
*There are cases that it may interfere with the cam lobe of the high cam shaft and the seat surface of the valve spring seat due to the solid error of the STD head. In that case, it requires cutting on the seating surface.