MB Motor Brother Blue Titanium Clutch Bell (Radiation Standard) for Yamaha BWS-X


The MotorBrother (MB) trademark is mainly green representing youth, vitality and justice.  TSC Moto Race Co., Ltd created the MB  brand in 2012 originating from motorcyclists’ interactive culture to share the spirit of mutual assistance and the motorcyclists’ brotherhood. Our product design reflects that free spirit, interactive performance, and a practical orientation.The product design is based on innovation, function, effect and uniqueness to enhance the fun of the scooter modification. Our products have many domestic patents, and yet we still maintain the ideal of continuous innovation and continue to create quality products.

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Forged and titanium oxide finished with rib reinforcements, cooling fins and special clutch surface engagement finish that is just about impossible to over heat and will give you grip like no other clutch bell anywhere!

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Weight3 lbs