Stage6 R/T Carburetor PWK 34mm


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A larger carburetor is one of the basic prerequisites if you want to unleash the full power of your engine. The Stage6 R/T Carburetor PWK 34mm is a top quality tuning carb for tuned engines and race scooters / mopeds.

Flat slide carburetor for powerful engine set-ups, developed by Koso, exclusively for Stage6. The CNC-machined intake tract is flow-optimized for better engine breathing, which in turn translates into better throttle response. Overall size as well as intake connection size were reduced so mounting the carb becomes easier. Last but not least – the black finish adds a distinct racing look.

The carburetor comes with a power jet; main/pilot jets in a variety of sizes are of course also available. Ideal in combination with Stage6 subframes and Stage6 R/T intake spacers. For the MKII version, jetting was optimised and the float chamber is now unpainted.

NOTE: These carbs don’t have an oil connection so you’ll have to switch to premix. Peugeot engines have to be used with  intake system S6-3217500 and matching rubber connection S6-32ET032.

  • type: PWK
  • size: 34mm
  • air filter connection:
  • intake manifold connection:
  • main jet  / pilot jet