Stage6 R/T OverRange CVT Drive Belt for Minarelli short


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This is a high-quality oversize racing drive belt with kevlar fibres from Stage6 offering excellent performance and, thanks to a unique compound, very good grip.

Stage6 R/T Racing Drive Belt Oversize, reinforced racing drive belt for oversize variators. Developed for the Stage6 Oversize CVT, but also suitable for overrange torque drivers / variators by other renowned manufacturers (for example the Malossi Overrange).

The belt is reinforced with polyamide fibres. Power transmission / performance are excellent, the belts’ unique compound make for very good grip. No matter if you want to go drag or circuit racing or simply want to upgrade your tuned engine, this belt is a fantastic option.

For short horizontal Minarelli engines (Aprilia Sonic, MBK Fizz, Malaguti F10, etc.).

w=17.2mm / h=8.2mm / l=806mm; angle 30°

NOTE: This belt will only work with high-end race oversize variators and will not work with a standard or aftermarket sports variation.


Sonic 50cc AC
Sonic 50cc LC


Booster X 50cc 4-stroke
Evolis 50cc AC
Fizz 50cc AC
Nitro 50cc 4-stroke
Ovetto 4-stroke


F10 CAT 50cc AC (after 1999)
F10 Jet Line 50cc AC (before 1999)
F10 Wap 50cc AC (after 2004)


Aerox 4 50cc 4-stroke
Breeze 50cc AC
C3 50cc 4-stroke
Giggle 50cc 4-stroke
Jog 50cc AC
Neo’s 50cc 4 stroke
Vino 50cc 4-stroke
Zest YE 50cc AC


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