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Naraku VS Drive Belt 729-18-30


NARAKU high-quality belts. High grip combined with good flex minimise friction losses and transmit the engines power to the road. One of the best belts in the range. Suitable for 139QMB/QMA engines with 12” wheels or original size of: 729-18-30. As a rough guide, the distance from the crank to the gearbox output shaft (where the clutch bell sits) can be used. This belt is suitable where this measurement is approx.25cm.

Dimensions: 729-18-28

Naraku Drive Belt 729-18-28 Long Case 139QMB GY6-50 Scooter


Naraku Drive Belt 729-18-28


Low-cost, high-quality replacement belt from NARAKU. The belt corresponds to the standards of the original factory-fitted belt. The flexible core of the belt means good flex and low loss of friction. Good grip provides equally good acceleration. A good choice as an original spare and light tuning Suitable for Kymco Fever ZX / KB50 and 139QMB/QMA engines with 12” wheels or original size of the 729-18-30. As a guide, the distance between the crankshaft and the transmission input shaft (this is where the clutch bell sits). This belt is suitable were this measurement is approx. 25 cm Dimensions: 729-18-28