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Stage6 Clutch Torque Control MKII (107mm) Minarelli


Details The improved version of the very successful Stage6 Torque Control Clutch. In order to cater for the increased power of the R/T cylinders, the linings have been enlarged and the weight of the clutch shoe increased. Unlike the weights …

Naraku 70cc BBK for Piaggio AC Engines Aprilia Scarabeo, Aprilia SR50, Derbi Atlantis, Piaggio Fly, Vespa ET2 Scooters


Piaggio Naraku 70cc Cylinder Kit for Piaggio AC Engines Aprilia Scarabeo, Aprilia SR50, Derbi Atlantis, Piaggio Fly, Vespa ET2 Scooters 70cc cast iron cylinder kit from Naraku for Piaggio air cooled engines. The Naraku piston is supplied with a molybdenum …

Naraku Performance Cylinder Gasket Set for Piaggio LC pentagonal engines


Piaggio Naraku Scooter Performance Parts Cylinder Gasket Set for Piaggio LC pentagonal engines These cylinder gasket sets contain all the necessary gaskets from the cylinder base upwards. They can be optionally used on Naraku 2-stroke cylinders, but are also suitable …

RMS organic brake pads for Gilera Piaggio Vespa


Brake pads with organic composition. This coating mixture is generally used by the original scooter manufacturers as the OEM part. Solid brake performance and durability make this a great choose for replacement pads

M10 x 1mm Pitch Four-Slot Retaining Slotted Round Nuts Black


Description: 4 slot carbon oxides super strong nut commonly used on smaller scooter clutch bell shafts and flywheels. Guaranteed not to break! M10 thread diameter, 1mm pitch, carbon steel material. Design with thread inside, 4-slot slotted round nut. Operated with hook …

Alchemy eXposed Toyox ToyoSpring Fuel Oil Line Hose


transparent, Ø 6×11 mm, l 1000 mm, rubber, non-foldable About 3/16″ which is most scooters and smaller motorcycles  This high end item has a steel spiral incorporated into its design that makes squashing and folding of the fuel supply history! …

Polini Evolution racing brake disc rotor racing oversize 200mm floating type for Gilera, Piaggio, Vespa


Specially developed for racing use, floating brake disc from the evolution series by Polini for various Gilera, Piaggio and Vespa scooters 50cc, 125cc and 150cc such as such as Gilera runner, LML star, Piaggio fly, Hexagon, zip and Vespa ET4, …

Malossi Racing clutch spring kit for original clutches 107mm


Malossi Racing clutch spring set. Springs suitable for original 3 shoe clutches 107mm. Set comprises 3 different strengths of spring: Green = light Blue = medium Red = hard Harder springs engage the clutch later. Makes good sense if you …

Stage6 R/T Brake Caliper Adapter 4 piston Piaggio Zip


Details Stage6 R/T Brake Caliper Adapter for Stage6 R/T 4-Piston Brake Caliper Zip SP. This adapter allows replacing the original caliper with a Stage6 R/T 4-piston brake caliper. For the maximum braking power that is needed at the race track!

Naraku clutch bell V.2 CNC 107mm for Honda DIO, Piaggio, Peugeot, Kymco, SYM, GY6


Naraku CNC-machined racing clutch bell for Kymco, Honda and Chinese-built maxi scooters. Ensures vibration-free running and the cooling grooves help keep the operating temperature down. Not just a great addition to a racing engine. Internal diameter: 107mm.  

Stage6 Brake Pads Racing type S10


The Stage6 RACING brake pads are the right choice for all of you who like it fast and furious but don’t want to do without safety and excellent stopping power. The stronger the engine, the more important it is to …

Horse Power Ignition HPI For Aprilia Piaggio SR-50 & Derbi GP1 50cc 2-Strokes

Universal ignition with integrated 60 With light Coil HPI 210 1 Cylinder 2-Stroke The Digital Ignition is available as a whole or as an extension to the standard universal ignition. It’s suitable for left turning as well as right turning …

Stage 6 R/T Clutch Bell – CNC Type 500g 107mm for Piaggio / Peugeot / Kymco / GY6 / Honda


Stage6 R/T Clutch Bell 500g 107mm Piaggio / Peugeot / Kymco / GY6 / Honda for optimum clutch engagement – arguably the best clutch bell on the market today. CNC-milled from one piece (as opposed to conventional pressed clutches), top …

NCY CLUTCH SPRINGS for GY6 Scooter and ATV Buggy based engine (chinese scooter also)


Get better acceleration on your GY6 by upgrading your clutch springs, set of 3. Clutch springs help determine the RPM that the clutch will engage at. Choose from 1000, 1500, or 2000 RPM

RMS Blue Line cylinder kit – 50cc for Piaggio NRG 50


Good quality replacement 50cc cylinder kit from RMS Blue Line Series for Piaggio 50cc LC Engines.

Cylinder kit matches OEM in terms of quality and performance.

Supplied as shown in image and excludes cylinder head as original head can be used.

830656 / 833598


Malossi MHR Torque Spring Kymco, Honda, GY6


Malossi reinforced counter pressure torque spring Malossi strengthened counterpressure springs for rear Malossi convertors, Peugeot Type. Counterpressure springs place the drive belt under tension, preventing slippage, for increased drive. Ideal for tuned engines with slipping belts. Straight swap for the …

Stage6 R/T Cylinder Kit “MKI “70cc Piaggio NRG / Runner BBK


Stage6 R/T 70cc Cylinder Kit MKI Piaggio NRG / Runner, a top-of-the-range “Hyper Racing” kit with a 47.6mm diameter (70cc) developed by Stage6’s R/T department (“Racing/Team”) for Piaggio / Gilera LC. The kit includes: Nikasil-plated Aluminium Cylinder with 6 transfer …

MotoForce Racing Torque Spring Seat (with ball bearing) Piaggio / GY6 50 / Peugeot / Kymco / 139QMB and various 50cc 4 Stroke Scooters


Torque Spring Seat Racing (with ball bearing) Piaggio GY6 Peugeot Kymco Spring seat with ball bearing, which minimizes the twisting effect of the torque springs. The Twist Control absorbs torsional forces and frictional losses are reduced. Please note that using …