Honda DIO

Honda DIO

Honda DIO and SYM

The Honda Dio 50cc style engine is a vertical,  2 stroke, single-cylinder,  forced air cooled engine with a CVT automatic “twist and Go” transmission. The displacement is 49cc. The bore size is 39mm with a stroke of 41.4mm. This energetic and reliable 2-stroke engine is manufactured or private labeled by Honda, BSV, HSC, Kymco and SYM.

The Dio is available in many brands and models including the Honda Dio (AF18), Honda Tact 50 (AF24), Honda Dio (AF27), Honda Dio (AF28), Honda Dio 50 (AF30), Honda Dio SP, Honda Dio SR, Honda Dio ZX, Honda Shadow, BSV Dio GP, BSV Dio SP, BSV Dio ZX, HSC SC 01, HSC SC 01-L, Kymco Curio CX, Kymco Curio CX Super, Kymco DJY, Kymco DY World, Kymco K12, Kymco DJ (modified), Kymco ZX50 Super, SYM DD50, SYM Dio 50, SYM Arnada and many more…..

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