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Universal Parts QT-50 Ignition Switch for 139QMB


QT-50 Ignition Switch for TNG Venice style scooters such as the Baja RT50, Keeway Venus, Lance Charming, Tank Classic, Wolf Islander and many more. Specifications Includes: Ignition, Seat Release & Set of 2 Keys Plug Style: 6-pin Male (3-pins used) …

V Parts Ignition Lock Set for Yamaha Neos, Ovetto (02-06), Jog R (02-09)


Complete igntion lock set for Neos, Ovetto (02-06) und Jog R (02-09) . Excellent quality and price making this a perfect choice from the usually expensive OEM parts. This lock sets cover all the locks and locking systems found on …



So you’re tired of the mid-thirties MPH you’re getting from your stock Ruckus? This CDI advances ignition timing & removes the factory rev-limiter. This Upgrade is ESSENTIAL to unleashing all the potential power from your stock engine & an absolute …

Daytona Power Advanced/Full Digital CDI Ignition for Yamaha JOG & Vino


  It is CDI for heavy tune of best ignition to high rotation engine characteristics. The ignition timing is fully digitized and programmed every 50rpm in the entire rotation range to derive full potential from the STD to the high-tune …

NCY CDI (AC 6Pin) for GY6 50-150cc 139QMB/157QMJ


This NCY performance scooter CDI igniter module works on most current AC GY6 50cc/150cc scooters made in China using the 139QMB/157QMJ engine. Higher voltage output, aggressive mapping as well as the removal of your rev limiter make this ideal for …

Vparts Universal Ignition Cable 7mm in black


Universal Parts Ignition Cable 7mm in black – Vparts Replacement Scooter Parts VICMA Universal ignition lead.  Vparts Replacement Parts & Accessories High quality aftermarket motorcycle and scooter parts from VParts made by Vicma Spain. One of the best known Spanish …

Stage6 Switch Unit CNC-Type (Left Side) w/ M8 Mirror Mount – Available in Black or Steel Grey


Stage6 SSP Switch Unit CNC, part of the SSP throttle grip kit, HQ CNC-milled aluminium switch unit for the left side of your handlebar. Definitely a far superior product compared to most plastic units on the market. The switch unit …

Doppler Boost / Expansion Bottle A.S.C. with mounting kit and Polished aluminium finish for carburetted 2-stroke engines.


Doppler Boost Bottle ASC, top quality boost bottle with excellent finish by French specialist Doppler. Suitable for all carburetted 2-stroke engines. The principle behind a boost bottle is pretty simple: by storing and releasing fuel air mixture between carb cycles, …

Universal Parts Ignition Switch Bintelli Havoc


Ignition Switch for the Bintelli Havoc 150 and many other makes & models. Includes ignition switch, seat lock and set of 2 keys 4-Pin Plug Bolt Hole Spacing: 57mm Wire Colors: Red, Green, Black & Black w/ White Stripe

Universal Parts Blank Key (35mm) set of 2


Set of 2 Key Blanks with 35mm Blade Length used on various makes and models of Street Scooters, may fit other vehicle types. The length of the key from shoulder stop to tip is very important to measure. You should …

Motoforce Electric Choke / Enrichiner for CPI / Keeway / JOG


Electric Choke CPI / Keeway Faulty electric chokes are often the reason for problems with cold starting. We can offer a replacement choke that fits nearly all CPI engines as used in CPI, Generic and Keeway scooters. Comes with all …

Universal Parts Bintelli Sprint 49cc Ignition Switch


Universal Parts Ignition Switch for the Bintelli Sprint 49cc and many other makes & models. Includes ignition switch and set of 2 keys. Plug Style: 4-Pin, Male Bolt Hole Spacing: 58mm Wire Colors: Red, Green, Black & Black w/ White …



API Tech ECM (Electronic Control Module) is designed for improving the performance,especially torque, horse power,acceleration and top speed,also increase fuel efficiency. It can be tuned up to suit your riding style from daily use, sport,touring and racing. This ECM is …

101 Octane – Ignition kill switch – Racing edition for Universal Scooter/Moto / ATV & Jetski Applications


This system is used mainly in water sports (jet ski etc.). Simply attach the emergency kill switch to the handlebar. The purpose of this kill switch isn’t solely cosmetic, it also is very useful when falling: the ignition is immediately …

Naraku Enhanced CDI Unrestricted for China 2-stroke Minarelli clone Yamaha 2T 50cc CPI, Keeway, Generic, Tank, TNG, Venoa, Yamati Scooters


1PE40QMB Naraku Enhanced CDI Unrestricted for China 2-stroke Minarelli clone Yamaha 2T 50cc CPI, Keeway, Generic, Tank, TNG, Venoa, Yamati Scooters Naraku racing CDI for all CPI, Keeway, Longjia, Generic and Minarelli-based Chinese-built engines with a double connector. Simply swap …

101 Octane Alternator stator – 8 coil for GY6 SYM 125/150cc Scooters


101 Octane Scooter Parts Alternator Stator 8 Coil for GY6 125/150cc GY15040 Alternator stator for GY6 125/150cc machines. There are many variations of this alternator of these engines. They can however be quite easy to identify. There are stators with …

V Parts Spark plug storage box / travel case


Spark plug storage box, great little accessory to protect the plug that is kept in your storage box or tool box.

NCY Direct Ignition Coil for Universal Applications (AC)


Bring your scooter to the 21st Century! NCY’s Coil-on-Plug ignition system provides 10kV more per spark and optimum timing precision over a conventional HT lead. The build quality on this is second-to-none!Features: * Hotter Spark * Cleaner Burns=less smoke (especially …