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Malossi Force Master 2 Injection EFI Controller Module for Yamaha Aerox, Giggle, Neos, Vino, MBK Nitro, BoosterX, Ovetto 50cc 4-stroke


The injection quantity of the fuel-air mixture can be adjusted ± 2000-6000% in 3 different rev ranges (0-2000-max). These settings offer for 4 pre-programmed ignition curves or mappings. The Force Master 2 also raises the factory upper rev limit by …

KOSO Down Draft Type Intake Manifold EFI System Φ40mm for Yamaha Cygnus, BW’s, Zuma 125


Down draft EFI intake system with ultra big velocity stack, adapters and mounting hardware…NOT available anywhere else in the USA except RnDmoto. Throttle This is Down Draft Type Carburetor Joint for 40 Φ inner diameter. By setting Throttle to Up, …

RnDmoto MicroBurst Nitrous Oxide Injection Kit


Nitrous Oxide (NOS) is the simplest, least expensive way, to provide a significant horsepower boost to your engine, and add performance you can feel in the seat. Nitrous Kit & Boost Bottle Kit Includes: MicroBurst NOS GO Button Dispenser (5) 20cc Nitrous Chargers UV …

OEM Standard lambda O2 sensor for Vespa GTS 125ie, 300ie, GTV 300ie


Lambda O2 sensor suitable for Vespa GTS 125i.e., 300i.e. and GTV 300i.e. scooters product suitable for: Vespa Modern-GTS 125 ie Super E3 ABS 09-16 ZAPM45301 (Quasar) Vespa Modern-GTS 125ie Super Sport 11- ZAPM45 (Quasar) Vespa Modern-GTS 300 ie Super 4V …



API Tech ECM (Electronic Control Module) is designed for improving the performance,especially torque, horse power,acceleration and top speed,also increase fuel efficiency. It can be tuned up to suit your riding style from daily use, sport,touring and racing. This ECM is …

A-Racer SpeedTek iMode Real-Time Gen III Controller iMode


2D ignition timing tuning 2D fuel injection tuning Lap Time Log( with Lap Receiver ) Acceleration analysis Mode select: Race/Launch/ECO/Adjust/Valet Can be monitored over 30 kinds engine parameters Fuel consumption monitor 180 degree viewable High hardness panel Lightweight and thin …

A-Racer SpeedTek DG-1 Multi-Function Display


Multi-Function Display DG-1   It can be shown wideband AFR, battery voltage and timer function with AF1 Extendable sensor modules in the feature: exhaust pipe temp. coolant temp. boot pressure…etc OLED all day viewable display and scratch proof panel design …

A-Racer SpeedTek Cube G Bracket


All Aluminum Material   CNC Cutting Anodized Process 4 Colors can be selected: Red, Orange, Black, Silver

A-Racer Speedtek 8 Position Fuel Map Switch


Product Model: MAP Switch 8 Fuel Map Select Switch 1. Fuel MAP: 5 fuel rich, default, and 2 fuel lean level 6. Easy plugin 8. Water resistant design

A-Racer SpeedTek 1 to 4 extended Cable


Product Model:1 to 4 Cable 1 to 4 extend Cable 1. It is be used to extend one ecu port to 4, so ecu can be linked with sensor modules, iMode Gen II… etc.

A-Racer SpeedTek AF1 Professional Wideband AFR Module and O2 sensor


Product Model: AF1 Professional Air Fuel Ratio Module AF1 1. High accuracy and high speed response 2. It can be realized “Close Loop Fuel Compensation” with RC/RCMINI Plus ECU 3. No need to calibration, just plug and play 4. Employed …

TK Turbojet EFI Fuel Controller Lambda for Piaggio, Vespa


Fuel injection management box Turbojet Lambda by Turbokit. The Turbo Kit injection module is one of the easiest ways to adjust the fuel / air composition. Injection systems are complex electronic units and it proves difficult to make adjustments required …

Polini ECU Harness Cable Set for Piaggio, Vespa


This cable allows the use of the Polini ECU P.33230 / 171.0001 to 125, 150 and 300 and 350cc Piaggio / Vespa injector Maxi scooters. For this purpose, the cable is simply plugged in between the injector and connecting cable.

Polini ECU Harness for ECU-injection module, Honda SH 125i, Honda SH 150i


Honda SH 150i Polini Scooter Performance Parts Harness for ECU-injection module, Honda SH 125i, Honda SH 150i Polini Scooter Parts This cable set allows the use of the ECU Polini engine control unit (P.33230 / 171.0001) in Honda SH 125i …

Straightline Performance Fuel Injected and Carbureted Scooter and Small Motorcycle Nitrous Kit


Fuel Injected and Carbureted Scooter and small single cylinder motorcycle Nitrous Kit (6 or 9 HP) Nitrous Kit. Straightline Performance is now proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Holtzman Engineering Nitrous Technologies. This includes the patented nitrous injector …

ShinYea 30mm EFI Throttle Body for VJR and GY6


30mm throttle body for EFI VJR and GY6 which is included also in our retrofit EFI conversion kit. Taiwanese quality

ShinYea Performance 30mm CVK EFI Intake Manifold for VJR and GY6


This Taiwanese top notch quality intake manifold fits the ever popular GY6 and is also included in our bolt on retrofit Electronic Fuel Injection kit! 30mm inlet and 25.5 head intake ID. Comes with neoprene throttle body boot, gasket, and …

Polini Performance Parts Shop Hi-Tech Injection Module Polini ECU for Honda, MBK, Piaggio, Yamaha 125, 150cc Scooters


POLINI ECU FOR INJECTED four-stroke engines. This ECU engine control unit is the most advanced adjustable piece of equipment which has been developed by Polini for injection four-stroke engines so far. The Polini ECU unit checks the amount of fuel …