GY6-50cc 139QMB

50cc 139QMB and 139QMA and 1p39qmb 49cc/50cc four-stroke chinese scooter engine
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QMB139 50cc 4T OEM 139QMB -50cc Stock Parts 4T Also known as the GY6 50cc. It also goes by several other names such as 50QTB. This Chinese 49/50cc engine is used on many of the 4-stroke imported scooters including the new VIP Future Champion, KYMCO 4 stroke units. Some common brands and names being imported are: Shanghai Shenke, EVO 50cc, Zongshen Metro 50cc, Baja Powersports (PEP BOYS made by Zongshen) Baja SC50, Strada RX 50 (4 stroke) Powersports Factory, Jalon JL50QT-21, Falcon and JL50QT-15, JL50QT-16 , Pantera Freedom, Fusion and Retro, TaoTao GT5, Fastwind,  atm50-a1, cy50-a, cy50-b, cy50-t3, funny 50, Roman 50, Retro 50, Speedy 50, Venus 50. Verucci VC50TS-3M, Sunl SL50QT-16, SL50QT-16, SL50QT-18, SL50QT-2, SL50QT-3, Roketa Bahama, Maui, Sicily, Tank, Baotian 50QT-9, Baotian, 50QT-11, Dotera 50QT-11, Jalon JL50QT-18, Sinski XSJ50QT-6, Sinski XSJ50QT-B, Taishan Commuter, Baja motorsports SC-50 sun city, primo,  Taishan Sport Zhong Hu 50cc 4t This kit will fit most 4 stoke 50cc horizontal style (139QMB) Scooter, Moped, ATV 4-stroke air-cooled engines / motors that are being made and imported from Asia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, etc. like kymco agility , baotian This kit will fit : BAOTIAN BT49QT-2 BAOTIAN BT49QT-7 BAOTIAN BT49QT-9 BAOTIAN BT50QT-9 BAOTIAN BT50QT-11 BAOTIAN Ecobike BENZHOU YY50QT BENZHOU City Star 50 BUFFALO Wind ERING Sprint 50 JIN LUN JL50QT KARCHER KM 50 Kreidler Flory 50 Kymco Agility 50 Kymco Agility MMC 50 Kymco Filly 50 Kymco Vitality 50 KYMCO Filly KYMCO Nexxon 50 KYMCO People KYMCO Super 8 KYMCO Vivality KYMCO NEW DINK 50 KYMCO Yager KYMCO Yager GT MSK Ecobike 50 PEUGEOT V-CLick REX Capriolo 50 REX Flory REX RS 450 REX RS 500 REX Off Limit 45 RIEJU Paseo 50 RIEJU Toreo 50 Sachs 49er 50 Sachs Bee SANILI TS50QT-4 QUINGQI QM50QT-6A XINLING ZHONG YU 50 QT-5 ZHONG YU 50 QT-7 ZHONG YU ZY 50QT ZHONGSHEN Wind 25/50 ZHONGSHEN ZS50QT-4 50, Baron 50, Fly Scooters, Pep Boys, Baja, Vento, Tank Sports, Roketa, Gamax Spillo, quingqi koala qm50qt-6d, United Motors, Longbo, Linhai, Velocity 50, 49cc, Jmstare Accipiter 50, Quingi koala qm50qt-6d, jmstar breeze 50, jonway warrior 50, jmstar eagle 50, Baccio SPD 50cc, Icebear Maddog 50cc, and many more….. this list is continually growing. RnDmoto is now fulfilling ScrappyDogScooters orders!

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Naraku Carburetor Pilot Main Jet Set M4 80-98 – 10 pcs


Item#.: NK200.10 Naraku M4 main jet set, 10-piece. Jets: 80-82-84-86-88-90-92-94-96-98 – cheaper option than individual items. For NK200.01 carb. Not suitable for Kymco Agility 50, Super 8 and Yager GT50 with original carbs. Universal Product – This part is non …

Athena Platinum Transmission Belt Code: S41PLAT028


Dimension: 20.00×435.00×20.00 Weight: 120.00 g Suitable for Adly NOBLE 4 TEMPI – Scooter Adly SUPERSONIC 4 TEMPI – Scooter Adly TB THUNDER BIKE 4 TEMPI – Scooter Aeon TORCH – 2008/2009 – Scooter Atu METEORIT KB AC 4T (99/05 – …

Dr. Pulley 16×13 Sliding Roller Weights for 139QMB


Traditionally, gear ratio is changed by the up-and-down rolling movement of the roller weights in the ramp of the Movable Drive Pulley (MDF). Now the innovative Dr. Pulley Sliding Roller Weights slide up-and-down the ramp to change the gear ratio. This unique sliding …

101 Octane QMB139 Alternator Stator version 2 for GY6 50cc 139QMB / QMA


QMB139 Alternator Stator version 2 for GY6 50cc 139QMB / QMA by 101 Octane Scooter Parts Alternator with cable connector/plug and Pick-up sensor. There are currently 2 different versions of this alternator. The difference is the insulated coils. Version 1 …

101 Octane cam chain for GY6 50cc 139QMB/QMA


Timing chain for GY6 50cc engines 139QMB/QMA. product suitable for: AGM-GMX 450 [QM50QT-6A] AGM-QM50QT-6A(A) ATU Explorer-City Star (YY50QT) ATU Explorer-Formula 2000 (YY50QT-6A) ATU Explorer-Formula One (YY50QT-6) ATU Explorer-Level 100 (ZS50QT) ATU Explorer-Retro Star (YY50QT-15) ATU Explorer-Wild Eagle (ZS50QT) Baja-BE500 50 …

SSP-G 16×13 QMB139 Roller Weight Tuning Kit Honda DIO


SSP-G 16×13 Roller Weight Tuning Kit for 50cc 4-stroke QMB139 engines – Includes 3g to 14g weight options. When it comes to adjusting your variator, there is no need to have tons of roller weights on hand for tuning. This …



Customize your brake master cylinders with these new Anodized NCY Master Cylinder Caps.  Works great on most Honda Scooter master cylinders, as well as many various Chinese bikes.  In addition, you can add these master cylinders caps to your NCY Ruckus …

Polini air filter air box D.37 (37mm) 90° Angled w/ black housing & blue filter


The air box air filter Polini suitable not only for use on the track also ideal for daily use in various weather conditions. Because with the addition to assembled dirt or water cap this tuning air filter is useful on …

NCY CDI (AC 6Pin) for GY6 50-150cc 139QMB/157QMJ


This NCY performance scooter CDI igniter module works on most current AC GY6 50cc/150cc scooters made in China using the 139QMB/157QMJ engine. Higher voltage output, aggressive mapping as well as the removal of your rev limiter make this ideal for …

101 Octane QMB139 Rocker Arm Assembly for GY6 50cc 139QMB/QMA Scooters


101 Octane QMB139 Rocker Arm for GY6 50cc Scooters. 139QMB/QMA BT13854 Complete rocker mechanism including shaft and valve adjuster for Chinese-built 4-stroke 139QMB/QMA 50cc cylinder heads. Changing the complete unit makes more sense than the individual parts, as damaged parts …

RnDmoto M6x60mm 304 Stainless Steel Intake Studs for GY6 139QMB


Stronger and longer lasting than original, these pure 304 stainless steel intake studs for GY6 139qmb are the hot ticket if you want reliability and performance. NOT available anywhere else! Be sure and use some anti-seize on the threads of …

RDR Performance Clutch Bell/Drum for QMB139 / GY6 QMI/QMJ 152/157


RDR Performance 112mm Clutch Drum for 50cc 4-stroke QMB139 engine based scooters, ATVs and off-road karts. Number of Splines: 22 Overall Inner Diameter: 112mm Overall Outer Diameter: 121mm Splined Inner Diameter (peak to peak): 11mm Splined Inner Diameter (valley to …

101 Octane 6301-2RS 12x37x12mm Front Wheel Bearing for GY6 Scooters


Ball bearings are the most widely used type of rolling element bearing in the world today due to their versatility and overall performance. These bearings are produced with high quality materials and exacting tolerances. Each of the individual components such …