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NCY CLUTCH SPRINGS for Yamaha Vino 125, Zuma 125


“One of the fundamental upgrades you can make to your scooter is swapping out the clutch springs for ones that will give you more acceleration off the line.The different colors are different stiffnesses to allow you to dial in your …

Dr. Pulley 20×12 Sliding Roller Weights for Yamaha morphous, Yamaha Vino 125, Yamaha Zuma 125


Dr. Pulley 20×12 Sliding Roller Weights for the Linhai 260/300, Yamaha Morphous 250, Yamaha Vino 125, Yamaha Zuma 125  and many more. Select weights on sale; 6g and 7g. Please select weight from drop-down menu. Traditionally, gear ratio is changed by the up-and-down rolling movement …

Doppler Fork Head Plastic Body Fairing Racing White Scooter


Made of a very durable material, it comes with leg, and it remains very simple and fast to attach to different handlebars. Its original design gives a particular look to the scooter. Compatible with the following 2 wheels: Scooter 50cc …

Doppler Fork Head Plastic Body Fairing Racing Blue Scooter


Made of a very durable material, it comes with leg, and it remains very simple and fast to attach to different handlebars. Its original design gives a particular look to the scooter. Compatible with the following 2 wheels: Scooter 50cc …

Stage6 R/T OverRange CVT Drive Belt for Minarelli short


This is a high-quality oversize racing drive belt with kevlar fibres from Stage6 offering excellent performance and, thanks to a unique compound, very good grip. Stage6 R/T Racing Drive Belt Oversize, reinforced racing drive belt for oversize variators. Developed for …

Kitaco Non-Fade Brake Shoes for Yamaha Scooters


Quantity: 1 Set for 1 Wheel It uses Non-asbestos material. Anti high temperature special linings have excellent grip and “channels” offer cooling affects that prevent dust from accumulating and this stabilizes the braking effect. NOTE: We advise you to have …

Daytona Power Advanced/Full Digital CDI Ignition for Yamaha JOG & Vino


  It is CDI for heavy tune of best ignition to high rotation engine characteristics. The ignition timing is fully digitized and programmed every 50rpm in the entire rotation range to derive full potential from the STD to the high-tune …

Stage6 R/T Overange Drive Belt for PRO reinforced Minarelli short (Yamaha Jog)


As always with Stage6, you can buy all spare parts separately in our shop. Stage6 Drive Belt PRO for Minarelli short is a high-quality drive belt produced by Bando in Japan. Top quality materials ensure excellent grip and long life …

Opticparts DF black / red Seat Cover for Yamaha Aerox, MBK Nitro


High quality scooter seat cover from Opticparts DF made in Europe ! An absolute must for those who want an individual look for their scooters or for those who simply need a cheap replacement seat cover! Made of high-quality, weather …

Yamaha JOG Engine Crankcases Crankcase Minarelli horizontal long, rear drum brake Yamaha Neo’s / Jog


Details OEM crankcase by Minarelli. It is “empty” (without gaskets, screws, etc.), but you can order all of these parts separately. Yes, Genuine Moto Minarelli from Italy and NOT Chinese junk! Data Sheet Name Crankcase Minarelli horizontal long, rear drum …

Polini harness for ECU-injection module, Yamaha X-Max 125 / X-City 125 10-16


This cable set allows the use of the ECU Polini engine control unit (P.33230 / 171.0001) in MBK Cityliner and Skycruiser 125i and Yamaha X-City and X-Max 125i maxi-scooters from of 2010.

TTMRC Roller Rocker, Camshaft, and Valve Spring Kit for Yamaha Zuma 125, Cygnus, BWS


WOW!!! Complete roller rocker set with special performance cam and reinforced heavy duty valve springs from legendary Taiwanese TTMRC Racing! The benefits of roller rockers of this caliber is less friction, longer life, and the ability to have more valve …

Polini Performance Parts Shop Hi-Tech Injection Module Polini ECU for Honda, MBK, Piaggio, Yamaha 125, 150cc Scooters


POLINI ECU FOR INJECTED four-stroke engines. This ECU engine control unit is the most advanced adjustable piece of equipment which has been developed by Polini for injection four-stroke engines so far. The Polini ECU unit checks the amount of fuel …

UOP Performance Cooling Fan for Yamaha Zuma 125 / BWS-125 / Cygnus / GTR / RAY


NEW DESIGN EXTRA PERFORMANCE COOLING FAN     FOR BWS 125 BWSX ZUMA 125 Only 94g, can increase throttle performance. High blades, can make high air flow, helping cool your engine soon, and your engine will run cooler and last longer. Made …

Tech Pulley Flying Roller 2 20×12


These are 20×12 roller weights/sliders, so they will fit scooters such as the Yamaha Zuma and Vino 125, as well as many others. For those of you unfamiliar with roller weights, they are an important tuning device and have a …



NCY intake manifolds offer a smooth bore and larger inlet diameter over stock. Combined, these two assets allow more air and more fuel into your cylinder, giving you more power. Intake manifold upgrades are a must for larger carburetors. It …



This top quality Taiwanese direct fit performance exhaust system will give you increased power and torque, yet retaining that OEM stock appearance, and much more. For the money, these are the best buy on the market, and aren’t easy to …



Compression springs do a couple of things. First they supply the pressure to engage the belt. They also determine the rate at which the CVT transmission changes from low to high gear. A 1000rpm spring will go into a higher …