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Buzzetti kickstart spring reassembling tool for Peugeot Tweet, SYM, GY6 125 150


Tensioning tool by Buzzetti to aid the assembly of the kick start spring. Suitable for Peugeot Tweet 50, 125 and 150cc, and SYM 125 and 150cc 4-stroke scooter models. This is the coolest tool for you all working on scooters. …

Polini drive belt – Kevlar/Aramid Maxi for SYM VS 125, 150cc Scooters


The most durable v-belt Polini offers has additional aramid fibre inlays that make this belt extremely resistant to tearing. This is not Polini’s top choice for the race track for no reason. The grip is so good that, despite the …

Malossi Aluminum Silencer for SYM & Minarelli/JOG / Gilera Runner / Italjet Dragster Scooters1e40


3211737  Pairs with Malossi Exhaust #32 9612 Here in the quiet MALOSSI MHR shell, it is the replacement of mufflers MHR replica and other models. The 70mm diameter tube is machined lightweight aluminum CNC anodized matte blue, impregnated MALOSSI logo, …

Urban Security dual function scooter / helmet lock for SYM: Joymax / GTS Scooters


Vehicle-specific anti-theft system of Urban Security. The lock connects between the seat and the handlebar and serves as a drive-away deterrent. The lock is attached to the existing seat. Thus it will be inconspicuous but integral part of the scooter …

Stage6 Switch Unit CNC-Type (Left Side) w/ M8 Mirror Mount – Available in Black or Steel Grey


Stage6 SSP Switch Unit CNC, part of the SSP throttle grip kit, HQ CNC-milled aluminium switch unit for the left side of your handlebar. Definitely a far superior product compared to most plastic units on the market. The switch unit …

Stage6 Clutch Torque Control MKII (107mm) Minarelli


Details The improved version of the very successful Stage6 Torque Control Clutch. In order to cater for the increased power of the R/T cylinders, the linings have been enlarged and the weight of the clutch shoe increased. Unlike the weights …

Stage6 CNC Boost Bottle / Expansion Bottle with mounting kit for 50-70cc Engines


This boost bottle from Stage6 is especially designed for 70cc engines. It has a solid chamber to prevent the airstream from oscillating back and forth through the carbs venturi when the throttle is released, meaning that the airstream is only charged with fuel once which improves pick-up when throttle is re-opened which adds up to lower fuel consumption and better throttle response.

101 Octane Final Drive Shaft / Output Shaft long version – GY6 50cc, 139QMB, QMB139 Scooters with dual shocks usually


GY6 50 Final Drive Shaft / Output Shaft for long version – GY6 50cc, 139QMB, QMB139 Scooters Long gearbox output shaft for vehicles with a swinging arm on the right-hand side. Mounted through the swing arm. These models generally have …

NCY Special Golden Teflon Pulley Set for Honda DIO & GY6 50; QMB139/139QMB Scooters


The ultimate variator for your 139QMB and DIO transmission! This beauty is lighter than any other variator on the market weight in at 17.3oz and at 89mm outer diameter drive face is ideal for all types of riding. The teflon …

Top Racing/ Jasil Pro Tuneable Variator kit: SV1 speed for Honda DIO, Kymco & SYM vertical Scooters


Easy to tune variator from Top Racing. The variator can be used with original belt. Supplied with unrestricted vario sleeve and 3 sets high quality weights (16x13mm) 8.5g-7.5g-6.5g and you should never need any more weights than are offered here. …