GY6-50cc 139QMB

50cc 139QMB and 139QMA and 1p39qmb 49cc/50cc four-stroke chinese scooter engine
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QMB139 50cc 4T OEM 139QMB -50cc Stock Parts 4T Also known as the GY6 50cc. It also goes by several other names such as 50QTB. This Chinese 49/50cc engine is used on many of the 4-stroke imported scooters including the new VIP Future Champion, KYMCO 4 stroke units. Some common brands and names being imported are: Shanghai Shenke, EVO 50cc, Zongshen Metro 50cc, Baja Powersports (PEP BOYS made by Zongshen) Baja SC50, Strada RX 50 (4 stroke) Powersports Factory, Jalon JL50QT-21, Falcon and JL50QT-15, JL50QT-16 , Pantera Freedom, Fusion and Retro, TaoTao GT5, Fastwind,  atm50-a1, cy50-a, cy50-b, cy50-t3, funny 50, Roman 50, Retro 50, Speedy 50, Venus 50. Verucci VC50TS-3M, Sunl SL50QT-16, SL50QT-16, SL50QT-18, SL50QT-2, SL50QT-3, Roketa Bahama, Maui, Sicily, Tank, Baotian 50QT-9, Baotian, 50QT-11, Dotera 50QT-11, Jalon JL50QT-18, Sinski XSJ50QT-6, Sinski XSJ50QT-B, Taishan Commuter, Baja motorsports SC-50 sun city, primo,  Taishan Sport Zhong Hu 50cc 4t This kit will fit most 4 stoke 50cc horizontal style (139QMB) Scooter, Moped, ATV 4-stroke air-cooled engines / motors that are being made and imported from Asia, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, etc. like kymco agility , baotian This kit will fit : BAOTIAN BT49QT-2 BAOTIAN BT49QT-7 BAOTIAN BT49QT-9 BAOTIAN BT50QT-9 BAOTIAN BT50QT-11 BAOTIAN Ecobike BENZHOU YY50QT BENZHOU City Star 50 BUFFALO Wind ERING Sprint 50 JIN LUN JL50QT KARCHER KM 50 Kreidler Flory 50 Kymco Agility 50 Kymco Agility MMC 50 Kymco Filly 50 Kymco Vitality 50 KYMCO Filly KYMCO Nexxon 50 KYMCO People KYMCO Super 8 KYMCO Vivality KYMCO NEW DINK 50 KYMCO Yager KYMCO Yager GT MSK Ecobike 50 PEUGEOT V-CLick REX Capriolo 50 REX Flory REX RS 450 REX RS 500 REX Off Limit 45 RIEJU Paseo 50 RIEJU Toreo 50 Sachs 49er 50 Sachs Bee SANILI TS50QT-4 QUINGQI QM50QT-6A XINLING ZHONG YU 50 QT-5 ZHONG YU 50 QT-7 ZHONG YU ZY 50QT ZHONGSHEN Wind 25/50 ZHONGSHEN ZS50QT-4 50, Baron 50, Fly Scooters, Pep Boys, Baja, Vento, Tank Sports, Roketa, Gamax Spillo, quingqi koala qm50qt-6d, United Motors, Longbo, Linhai, Velocity 50, 49cc, Jmstare Accipiter 50, Quingi koala qm50qt-6d, jmstar breeze 50, jonway warrior 50, jmstar eagle 50, Baccio SPD 50cc, Icebear Maddog 50cc, and many more….. this list is continually growing. RnDmoto is now fulfilling ScrappyDogScooters orders!

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Naraku VS Drive Belt 729-18-30 for Long Case 139QMB, QMA GY6-50 Scooter Engines


NARAKU high-quality belts. High grip combined with good flex minimise friction losses and transmit the engines power to the road. One of the best belts in the range. Suitable for 139QMB/QMA engines with 12” wheels or original size of: 729-18-30. As a rough guide, the distance from the crank to the gearbox output shaft (where the clutch bell sits) can be used. This belt is suitable where this measurement is approx.25cm.

Dimensions: 729-18-28

NCY Oil / Crank Case Pressure Decompression tube for Honda, Vento and GY6 50-150cc engine scooters


Depression Tube for help relieving crankcase pressure build up. Decompression tubes replace your dipstick and allow excess crank case pressure to be released. We recommend installing these tubes along side any cylinder kit. Scooter Racing Part Recommended for Big Bore …

Universal Parts QT-50 Ignition Switch for 139QMB


QT-50 Ignition Switch for TNG Venice style scooters such as the Baja RT50, Keeway Venus, Lance Charming, Tank Classic, Wolf Islander and many more. Specifications Includes: Ignition, Seat Release & Set of 2 Keys Plug Style: 6-pin Male (3-pins used) …

Universal Parts Seat Assembly for 139QMB 50cc Sunny Style Scooters


Universal Parts Seat Assembly for 50cc QMB139 engine based Sunny Style scooters. Fits the following models and many more: Tank Urban 50 Roketa Maui MC-08-50 Sunl SL50QT-7 Sporty Dazon Diamondback TaoTao CY50-T3, TaoTao Funny 50, TaoTao Speedy 50 Lance GTR …

Naraku Fan Cover Carbon Look for 139QMB, Kymco 4-stroke 50cc


Naraku carbon-look fan cover. Matches dimensions of the original. Fitment: product suitable for: ATU Explorer-City Star (YY50QT) ATU Explorer-Formula 2000 (YY50QT-6A) ATU Explorer-Formula One (YY50QT-6) ATU Explorer-Level 100 (ZS50QT) ATU Explorer-Retro Star (YY50QT-15) ATU Explorer-Wild Eagle (ZS50QT) Baja-BE500 50 4T …

Malossi 139QMB Racing Variator MHR Multivar for GY6, 139QMB/QMA, Kymco 4-stroke M.5113139


Malossi QMB139 Racing Variator MHR Multivar for GY6, 139QMB/QMA, Kymco 4-stroke M.5113139 Malossi Multivar variator for great drive and shifting, as well as increased top end. [computer-optimized running surface] Now available for Chinese 4-stroke scooters with 139QMB and 139QMA engines. …

RQ Air Filter with 25 ° Integrated Velocity Stack – DellOrto, GY6 139QMB 37mm, RQ


House filter RQ, which manufactured for Metrakit, for DellOrto, 37mm connection, inclined 25 °. Adjustable RQ filter, 25 ° – 37mm Removes 5 times more dust than traditional cellulose filter media alone and 50 times more dust than wet gauze filter …

Naraku compression / torque spring+2000 rpm for GY6, Kymco, Honda


Naraku Sports Contra Spring V.2 +2000rpm The current version of the Naraku counter pressure spring uses a modified alloy spring providing better resilience and above average strength. Torque springs are available in packs of 2 or 3 or are available …

101 Octane Scooter Seat Black / Silver


Complete two-person seat unit, black, silver. Suitable for all vehicles with bodywork design similar to the Rex RS450, Baotian BT50QT-9, Benzhou City Star etc. AGM GMX 450cc (QM50QT-6A) GMX 500cc (QM50QT-6A(A)) ATU Level 100 50cc 4 stroke (ZS50QT) ADLY (HER …

NCY Clutch Springs for GY6 Scooter and ATV Buggy Based Engine (Chinese Scooter Also)


Get better acceleration on your GY6 by upgrading your clutch springs, set of 3. Clutch springs help determine the RPM that the clutch will engage at. Choose from 1000, 1500, or 2000 RPM

NCY Anodized Aluminum Kickstart Lever for Yamaha, Honda, Metropolitan, and 139QMB


The NCY anodized aluminum kickstart lever was designed especially for the Honda Ruckus, however it fits nicely and works perfectly well on the Yamaha Vino. It may be used on other scooters using the ubiquitous 50cc GY6 QMB139 engines. Best …

Universal Parts Kickstarter Gear Bushing for 139QMB 50cc 4T


Universal Parts Kickstarter Gear Bushing for 50cc 4-stroke QMB139 engines. Specifications Inner Diameter: 14mm Outer Diameter: 18mm Supports: QMB139 50cc/49cc , Various unlisted makes/models