GY6-B / RZR-170 / 161QMK

GY6-B engine case, also known as the ScrappyDogScooters GY6-200 and 161QMK is unique in that it has 57mm cylinder stud spacing instead of the normal 54mm stud spacing. This allows for a larger bore without case reaming, typically up to 61mm whereas the standard GY6 can only go up to a 59mm / 58.5mm. The Polaris RZR-170 typically can go up to a 63mm without reaming. The Taida B case can go up to 67mm, but the two outer cam chain well bolts are slightly off, but can be modified.

Note: Standard GY6 components such as the camshaft, variator, clutch, etc are completely compatible with the GY6-B

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