GY6-B / RZR-170 / 161QMK

GY6-B engine case, also known as the ScrappyDogScooters GY6-200 and 161QMK is unique in that it has 57mm cylinder stud spacing instead of the normal 54mm stud spacing. This allows for a larger bore without case reaming, typically up to 61mm whereas the standard GY6 can only go up to a 59mm / 58.5mm. The Polaris RZR-170 typically can go up to a 63mm without reaming. The Taida B case can go up to 67mm, but the two outer cam chain well bolts are slightly off, but can be modified. There are also some scooters with the engine code XJ157QMJ in Xinjue Scooters that have this type engine.

Note: Standard GY6 components such as the camshaft, variator, clutch, etc are completely compatible with the GY6-B

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101 Octane Alternator Stator 11 Coil 6 Pins for GY6 125/150cc


GY6 150cc Alternator Stator 11 coil 6 pins for GY6 125/150cc IP35776 by 101 Octane Scooter Parts. Alternator stator for GY6 125/150cc machines. There are many variations of this alternator of these engines. They can however be quite easy to …

Universal Parts GY6 150cc Head Gasket


150cc GY6B 4-stroke ZNEN engines commonly found in Lance Phoenix, Flyscooters Cadenza, ZNEN ZN150T-18, Xingyue ITA-150, Motorino Cassini, CMS Prodigy, BMS Pathfinder. Specifications Inner Diameter: 58mm Diagonal Bolt Hole Spacing: 76mm

RnDmoto 2 Bolt Valve Rocker Arm Covers for GY6-150 BN-157QMJ GY6-200 161QMK GY6-B GY-7 Scooter & ATV Engines


YES! NOT found anywhere else anywhere. These are the impossible to find 2 bolt valves covers. Made by the original manufacturer, these are direct replacements which include the correct stepped bolts and hard cover sealing grommets, etc. RnDmoto has done …



Customize your brake master cylinders with these new Anodized NCY Master Cylinder Caps.  Works great on most Honda Scooter master cylinders, as well as many various Chinese bikes.  In addition, you can add these master cylinders caps to your NCY Ruckus …

NCY EGR Block off plates for GY6 Scooter Engines


Description: PCV block off plate used for removing PCV system on GY6 engines. Most GY6 scooters have sub-par PCV systems often causing massive vacuum leaks that lead to poor performance. When installing this block off plate, it is highly recommended …

Taida GY6-150 232cc Long Crankcase Set Only(57mm Stud Spacing) GY6-B Case


Taida GY6 150 Long Crankcase casting quality is one of the best you can get for the GY6 engine. Taida GY6 Crankcase has been pre-machine to 70mm bore which will accommodate a big bore cylinder kits up to 67mm and …

OKO High Torque GY6 Starter Motor


OKO High Torque Starter motor for 150cc and 125cc GY6 4-stroke QMJ152/157 QMI152/157 engines. This Starter Motor is recommended for any GY6 with a Big Bore Kit or Stroker Big Bore Kit. Bolt Hole Spacing: 78mm Shaft Length: 18mm Shaft …

RnDmoto M6x60mm 304 Stainless Steel Intake Studs for GY6 139QMB


Stronger and longer lasting than original, these pure 304 stainless steel intake studs for GY6 139qmb are the hot ticket if you want reliability and performance. NOT available anywhere else! Be sure and use some anti-seize on the threads of …

Universal Parts Clutch Output Shaft GY6B


Rear Clutch Output Shaft for 150cc GY6B 4-stroke ZNEN engines commonly found in Lance Phoenix, Flyscooters Cadenza, ZNEN ZN150T-18, Xingyue ITA-150, Motorino Cassini, CMS Prodigy, BMS Pathfinder and many more Overall Length: 7.3 inches Thread Size: M12x1.25 Bearing End Diameter: …

Ban-Jing Titanium Oxide Clutch Bell For GY6


Great performance clutch bell for the GY6 150cc engine made by Ban Jing in Taiwan. – Very high quality Clutch Bell with a Titanium Oxide Rainbow finish. – Perfect for those running open CVT Covers to show it off. Lightweight, …

RnD Moto GY6-B / GY6-200 Complete Big Bore Engine Assembly w/ Shifter for ATV / buggy / 4wheeler


OOF! Big bore 200cc engine assembly for your ATV/buggy/4wheeler finally! This is a complete engine that will fit in your buggy 125 or 150cc application with little or no modifications. Comes with forward,neutral, and reverse gear shifting transmission short case. Will attach to …

SSP-G 63mm Big Bore Head for GY6-B Scooter engines and RZR-170 ATV’s


Performance Big Bore Head for the 161QMK GY6-B and RZR-170 ATV’s engines! Exhaust Valve Diameter: 22.8mm Exhaust Port Diameter: 22mm Exhaust Port Bolt Hole Spacing: 50mm Intake Valve Diameter: 27.75mm Intake Port Diameter: 23mm Intake Port Bolt Hole Spacing: 45mm

SSP-G 63mm BBK Cylinder Set for GY6-B case scooter engine and Polaris RZR-170 ATV’s


Taiwanese made BBK for your 57mm wide stud spacing GY6 based engines! Cylinder Bore: 63mm Overall Height (cylinder): 93mm Fits the Polaris RZR 170. Polaris Ranger RZR 170, Various unlisted makes/models