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TNT Handlebar Rubber Handlebar Grip Set Round End Cap Chrome


Very nice grips with anodized handlebar ends. These grips are available with conical or round bar ends. Suitable for all handlebars with 22mm diameter (which is 98% of all conventional vehicles). For the right-hand side, a rubber grip with a …

Stage6 Switch Unit CNC-Type (Left Side) w/ M8 Mirror Mount – Available in Black or Steel Grey


Stage6 SSP Switch Unit CNC, part of the SSP throttle grip kit, HQ CNC-milled aluminium switch unit for the left side of your handlebar. Definitely a far superior product compared to most plastic units on the market. The switch unit …

CF Posh Early Barrel Grips (22.2mm) in Various Color Options


Corresponding Handlebar Diameter: Φ22.2mm Length: 118mm Insertion Length: 115mm Φ22.2mm handlebars (Japanese Models) Colors: Black/White/Red Lame(Flake)/Silver Lame(Flake)/Smoked Lame(Flake)/Natural Rubber

TNT Tuning Brake lever sponge grips in various colors


Very nice brake lever sleeves made of rugged foam rubber. The sleeves are about 10cm in length and can be mounted on all vehicles and levers. When fitting, it is very helpful to wet the lever with a water / …

BCD Handlebar Grips – Polar Series: Weather resistant rubber in Black/white


POLAR Handlebar grips from BCD. A soft, weather resistant rubber compound ensures an excellent grip. Available in the well-known BCD design with added details to the grips that make them stand out from the crowd. For easy mounting and to …

NCY Throttle & Grip Set – Needle Bearing Style w/ 7/8″ diameter (standard bar)


Ditch your plastic-on-plastic throttle tube set up for this performance needle bearing throttle tube. Oh, and look, he’s brought a friend, a matching grip.  How thoughtful! This throttle tube assembly works on any scooter with 7/8″ diameter bars. Not for …

101 Octane Enhanced Throttle Tube w/ kill switch – Universal for Scooters


Universal twist grip with engine on/off (kill switch). A suitable bowden cable must be installed. We recommend our universal bowden cable to compliment this twist grip. Length: 110 / Total length: 151mm / M10 thread for throttle cable tensioner.

Straightline Performance Fuel Injected and Carbureted Scooter and Small Motorcycle Nitrous Kit


Fuel Injected and Carbureted Scooter and small single cylinder motorcycle Nitrous Kit (6 or 9 HP) Nitrous Kit. Straightline Performance is now proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Holtzman Engineering Nitrous Technologies. This includes the patented nitrous injector …

N8tive double lock-on grip set “GEO Style” 130mmL / 30mm Diameter in Black or Grey


GEO pictures the grip’s particular surface morphology. The unique design offers several advantages: the flexible, proper cushioning longitudinal ribs dampen vibrations, put away tough shocks, yet feature lateral support since the „mountainous relief“ optimally absorbs power. The fin spacing is …

101 Octane Throttle cable / Bowden cable 180cm – universal


Universal Bowden cable to adapt to tuning carburetor or to repair conventional throttle cables. Extremely smooth and maintenance-free! Also ideal for mounting PWK carburetors and / or for conversion to short-stroke gas handle. The carburetor nipple is already soldered on the Bowden cable, …

SP Takegawa rubber handlebar grips in blue


for SP TAKEGAWA High Throttle Kit Color: Blue [Corresponding Model] Handlebar Pipe Outer Diameter: Φ22-22.2 Throttle Pipe Outer Diameter: Approximately Φ26 Two colors have been added to SP TAKEGAWA original grip rubber: vivid blue and red. With its smooth grip …

Voca Racing Throttle Grip Full CNC anodized black


Voca Throttle Grip Full CNC anodized black – as replacement for your old throttle or to upgrade the look of your cockpit. It is CNC-machined from high quality aluminium and comes with a great looking anodized black finishing with Voca …

Alchemy twiXter Performance Thumb Throttle for ATV, Motorcycle and Scooters


CNC machined and adjustable billet thumb throttle for ATV’s and motorcycles and scooters with the twiXter throttle system.