Gas Tank / Fuel Valves

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101 Octane Auto Vacuum Fuel Valve Tap Petcock for Piaggio, Derbi, Vespa 50, 125, 180, 2T, 4T


Vacuum-operated fuel tap for Piaggio 4-stroke scooters. Replacement fuel pump for Aprilia, Piaggio, Vespa, Gilera, Derbi 50-250cc vehicles. OEM numbers for purpose of comparison: 827894, CM120901, 11410NY, AP8176041, 827894, CM120901, 485174, CM120903, 92101 Fitment: product suitable for: Aprilia-Atlantic 250 -06 …

101 Octane Fuel Tank Metal Version with Thread for Fuel Petcock


Metal fuel tank for Chinese-built scooters up to the end of 2006, black. From 2007 on plastic tanks were fitted. Please check the material of your tank before ordering. It is not impossible that a metal tank was used on …

101 Octane Replacement Petcock / Fuel tap for Minarelli/Yamaha JOG, and MBK Booster


Vacuum operated fuel tap for various Yamaha and MBK scooters. Often faulty or malfunctioning fuel taps cause running issues, back firing etc. and the only remedy is to replace the tap. 3WG-F4726-00

Malossi Boost Bottle – MACSII Viton


Boost bottle from Malossi. A boost-bottle is positioned between carb and reed valve, where it stores the mixture when the reed closes, thus preventing the mixture from being led back to the carb again. This way the mixture doesn’t become …

Stage6 CNC Boost Bottle / Expansion Bottle with mounting kit for 50-70cc Engines


This boost bottle from Stage6 is especially designed for 70cc engines. It has a solid chamber to prevent the airstream from oscillating back and forth through the carbs venturi when the throttle is released, meaning that the airstream is only charged with fuel once which improves pick-up when throttle is re-opened which adds up to lower fuel consumption and better throttle response.

SureCan 5 & 2.2 Gallon Bottom Feed and Fully Vented Gas Fuel Can Jugs


The award winning 5 and 2.2 Gallon SureCan is perfect for those bigger machines, it features patented technology and hand grips at the bottom that helps you support the weight easier! The 5 Gallon SureCan offers its user the best …

101 Octane auto fuel tap / petcock for Minarelli, CPI, Keeway, QJ, & Various 1E40QMB Scooters


Pressure-activated fuel/ petrol tap for scooters with Chinese-made, Minarelli-based engines (1E40QMB) such as CPI, Keeway etc. A petrol tap failure can often lead to starting difficulties and cut-outs whilst riding. When the membrane is stuck, either no, or not enough, …

101 Octane Inline Fuel Tap Petcock Valve. Manual universal 6mm


6mm Universal manual fuel tap Universal Product – This part is non application specific. Please verify compatibility for your scooter before purchase. If it is an after-market racing scooter product please measure your original item and scooter, certain modifications might be …

Helix Fuel Injection Line 3/8″(10mm) X 9/16″(14.5mm), Trans/Clr, 200 Psi Max


**Sold by the foot** 3/8″(10mm)ID X 9/16″(14.5mm)OD  High Pressure, Transparent/Clear Polyurethane, Nylon Interbraid, 200 Psi Max Pressure, Transparent Premium Polyurethane 85-Durometer Tubing Provides Superior Abrasion, Kink, Tear, Oxidation, And Chemical Resistance. Multi Layer Extrusion Process Allows Reinforced Nylon Inner Braid …

Polini Pressure regulator for Yamaha T-MAX 500i


Polini pressure regulator for the fuel system suitable for Yamaha T-Max 500 maxi scooter with gasoline direct injection. This Polini pressure controller raises the pressure in the injection system from original 2.5 to 3.5 bar. When tuning measures have already …

HELIX FUEL LINE HOSE 1/4″ X 3/8″ (Sold by the Foot)


** Sold by the Foot** 1/4″(6.4mm) ID X 3/8″(10mm) OD X 25Ft.(7.6m), Transparent/Clear Polyurethane, Premium Polyurethane, 85-Durometer,  Has Superior Resistance To Kinking, Abrasion, Tearing, Oxidation And Chemical Damage. Very Flexible With Tight Bend Radius, This Fuel Line Will Not Get …

Helix 3/16″ Fuel Line Hose (Various Colors)


Helix Racing Products 3/16″ x 5/16″ Transparent Polyurethane Fuel Line, sold in 1ft. Helix Fuel Line is a premium polyurethane , 85 durometer, which provides for superior abrasion, kink, tear, oxidation and chemical resistance. Inner Diameter: 3/16″ Outer Diameter: 5/16″ …

MotoForce Racing Breather Kit for Crankcase / Fuel Tank / Catch Can for Universal Scooter / Moto Applications


Fuel Tank Breather Kit universal Universal fuel tank breather valve for original and aluminium tank covers. The integrated valve allows air to vent into the fuel tank without any fuel loss. The cap is made of anodised aluminium. Including hose. …

101 Octane Auto vacuum / pressure-activated fuel pump (universal)


101 Octane Universal pressure-activated fuel pump. This is required when fitting an additional tank, or fitting the tank in another location. It can, of course, be used as a simple replacement for defective original pumps. The brass-coloured connector is fitted …

Manual Fuel Valve/Petcock with filter d=15mm


Original manual fuel tap/valve/petcock by Piaggio. Can be mounted onto all tanks with 15mm inlet (such as Piaggio NRG or MBK MachG scooters). It is identical to the fuel tap by Malossi, the only difference is that this one is …

Buzzetti Fuel Container / Fuel Tank Kit for Workshop Auxillary Gas Tank 1500ml/1.5L


Whether you are the hobbyist or professional mechanic, this is a must have set for any garage or workshop. For use when gas tank of your bike or scooter is removed. This set allows you to carry out error analysis …

101 Octane fuel tank / gas tank / petrol tank cap (Locking)


It is very easy to lose petrol caps! At the petrol station, broken keys or just dropped never to be found again. Instead of buying a new set of keys, this petrol cap comes with 2 keys and is suitable …

CIF Fuel tap packing / 4-hole gasket Viton for Vespa 50, 90, 125, ET3


Small part with an important job. For this reason, we rely exclusively on the best quality available. With a fuel tap gasket made from Viton® you are always playing on the safe side. Fits many classic Vespa scooters and Piaggio …

SPI 1/4″ Inline Fuel Valve


This high quality fuel valve helps prevent “flooding” while trailering. Easy to spot valve lever makes turning fuel on and off a snap. Three different sizes for different applications.

Malossi Purple Knob Style Petcock – no thread – 8mm fuel line – Piaggio


Fully aluminum RACING tap with violet anodized screw opening/closing knob Ø 15 mm inserting to tank with blocking clamp Ø 9 mm inserting petrol pipe   Fits: APRILIA APRILIA SCARABEO STREET 50 2T (PIAGGIO) APRILIA APRILIA SPORTCITY ONE STREET 50 …