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101 Octane Flywheel / Alternator Rotor Puller Universal


Universal flywheel puller. Perfect tool for removing the flywheel from the crankshaft. Universal Product – This part is non application specific. Please verify compatibility for your scooter before purchase. If it is an after-market racing scooter product please measure your original …

101 Octane Alternator Stator Version 1 for GY6 50cc 139QMB / QMA


MB139 Alternator Stator version 1 for GY6 50cc 139QMB / QMA by 101 Octane Scooter Parts

Alternator with cable connector/plug and Pick-up sensor. These alternators are currently available in 2 different versions. The difference is the insulated coils; Version 1 has 2 insulated coils. The difference is more accurately shown in the 2nd product image. The main connector can has 2 or 3 pins on this version. Image shown is Version 1.

101 Octane are high quality QMB139 50cc parts and accessories. One of our top recommended brands for replacement accessories. You can buy with confidence for 101 Octane is one of the best parts brands we offer.


Universal Parts GY6 Chrome Plastic Fan Cover for 152QMJ, 157QMJ, 152QMI, 157QMI 4-Stroke GY6 Engines


Chrome Plastic Fan Cover for 150cc and 125cc QMJ152/157 QMI152/157 4-stroke GY6 engines found on Chinese full-size scooters, ATVs, dune buggies and karts. Specifications Overall Height: 83mm (3.25 inches) Supported Models GY6 QMI/QMJ 152/157, Various unlisted makes/models

Naraku Fan Cover Carbon Look for 139QMB, Kymco 4-stroke 50cc


Naraku carbon-look fan cover. Matches dimensions of the original. Fitment: product suitable for: ATU Explorer-City Star (YY50QT) ATU Explorer-Formula 2000 (YY50QT-6A) ATU Explorer-Formula One (YY50QT-6) ATU Explorer-Level 100 (ZS50QT) ATU Explorer-Retro Star (YY50QT-15) ATU Explorer-Wild Eagle (ZS50QT) Baja-BE500 50 4T …

Hoca Radiator for Honda Helix CN250 CF250 maxi scooters


Complete radiator with cooling fan, radiator cap, and thermostat. Good quality and in stock. Out of stock everywhere else!

SP Takegawa Thermostat Unit for Honda APE, XR, CRF, Motard, CBR-250, Kawasaki KLX, KSR, Suzuki Address


for Die-casting Clutch Cover/Exclusive Adapter Equipped Vehicle * Details Bidirectional type part which adopts shape memory alloy spring to its basic structure. By using this shape memory alloy spring, it can quickly adjust to the temperature change. In case the …

Bosch Electric Water Pump 12V


As you might know, replacing your mechanical water pump with an electric water pump will improve engine performance slightly as crankshaft power will not be dragged down. That’s why you should maybe consider getting an HQ Bosch Electric Water Pump …

Mokix Radiator for Gilera Runner (-05) and other custom applications!


Replacement radiator for water cooled Gilera Runner models up to 2005. The radiator has the same design and dimensions as the original. It can be used as an additional radiator for racing or just when the original is broken. With …

Piaggio OEM Radiator Tank/Coolant expansion Tank for Aprilia RX/SX, Derbi Senda, Gilera RCR/SMT 06-


OEM expansion tank for the cooling water for Aprilia, Derbi, Gilera 06-. Piaggio original spare part. OEM No. for comparison: 00H03810501 product suitable for: Aprilia-RX 50 06-10 (D50B) ZD4PVA Aprilia-RX 50 11 (D50B) ZD4PVH01 Aprilia-RX 50 11-13 (D50B) [ZD4PVG01/ H01/ …

Piaggio OEM Radiator Tank/Coolant expansion Tank for Derbi Senda R, SM, Gilera RCR, SMT 50


OEM expansion tank for the cooling water suitable for Derbi Senda R, SM, Gilera RCR, SMT. Piaggio original spare part. OEM No. for comparison: 00H03802501 Derbi-Senda 50 SM Black Edition 03-04 (EBE050) VTHSR3A1A Derbi-Senda 50 SM DRD 03-04 (EBE050) VTHSDR1DB …

Koso Replacement Water Hose Temperature Sensor Adapter


Koso Scooter Racing Products Spare Parts Store Replacement Water Hose Temperature Sensor Adapter 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 22mm, 26mm. Temperature adapter for the coolant hose, for when the item in the cylinder head cannot be used. Suitable for use with the …

VOCA Cooling pipe adapter 16mm T-Link 1/8″


Cooling pipe adapter “T-Link” available for 16, 18 or 22mm cooling pipes. A very useful accessory to measure the water cooling temperature with any VOCA or KOSO temperature meter. As well to be used in combination with a VOCA thermocontact.

Stage6 Water Pump “Racing” +40% Flow rate for Minarelli LC Engines


Stage6 Water Pump Racing +40% Minarelli LC (Yamaha Aerox) anodized red, eye-catching custom detail and 40% increased flow rate – win/win! Stage6 Water Pump for Minarelli engines, state-of-the-art technology combined with stunning design. The water pump is CNC-machined from top …

Motoforce Electric Water Pump 12V – universal w/ 15mm connection diameter


Electric Water Pump 12 V universal In scooter racing, mechanical water pumps are often replaced with electric models to reduce the rotating mass at the crankshaft, which results in better throttle response and a slight increase in performance. Another situation …

Polini water pump 12V


12V water pump. The Polini water pump is suitable for upgrades to water cooling and for racing applications. On race vehicles, mechanical water pumps are often replaced by electric water pumps because they require no power from the engine and …