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Naraku Racing Performance Camshaft for Yamaha BWs 5ML, Cygmus, and Zuma 125


Naraku Scooter Performance Parts Racing Camshaft for Yamaha Cygnus, Yamaha BWs 5ML, Zuma 125 Scooters Naraku racing camshaft for maxi scooters with Yamaha 5ML and 5ML i.e. engines. Variator must also be adjusted to ensure correct calibration. Please check your …

RnDmoto 2 Bolt Valve Rocker Arm Covers for GY6-150 BN-157QMJ GY6-200 161QMK GY6-B GY-7 Scooter & ATV Engines


YES! NOT found anywhere else anywhere. These are the impossible to find 2 bolt valves covers. Made by the original manufacturer, these are direct replacements which include the correct stepped bolts and hard cover sealing grommets, etc. RnDmoto has done …

101 Octane cam chain for GY6 50cc 139QMB/QMA


Timing chain for GY6 50cc engines 139QMB/QMA. product suitable for: AGM-GMX 450 [QM50QT-6A] AGM-QM50QT-6A(A) ATU Explorer-City Star (YY50QT) ATU Explorer-Formula 2000 (YY50QT-6A) ATU Explorer-Formula One (YY50QT-6) ATU Explorer-Level 100 (ZS50QT) ATU Explorer-Retro Star (YY50QT-15) ATU Explorer-Wild Eagle (ZS50QT) Baja-BE500 50 …

TTMRC Roller Rocker, Camshaft, and Valve Spring Kit for Yamaha Zuma 125, Cygnus, BWS


WOW!!! Complete roller rocker set with special performance cam and reinforced heavy duty valve springs from legendary Taiwanese TTMRC Racing! The benefits of roller rockers of this caliber is less friction, longer life, and the ability to have more valve …

RnDmoto A12 Performance camshaft for GY6!


High Angle A12 Performance Camshaft for 150cc and 125cc GY6 4-stroke engines. Camshafts are marked with letter combinations which can be cross-referenced below: A8 = HA A9 = HB A10 = HC A11 = HD A12 = HE A13 = …

Taida Performance camshaft for Yamaha S-MAX 155


Detail Specifications YAMAHA S-Max 155 camshaft(upgraded), Tuning Camshaft. The advantage of our upgraded camshaft is the bigger angle the valves are, the more the air it can intake. When the piston goes up to the top, the compression ratio of …

A9 Performance Racing Cam / Camshaft for GY6 50cc 4 Stroke Scooters


A9 Performance Racing Cam Performance Racing Cam Fits GY6 50cc 4 Stroke Scooters This is a great Performance up-grade when installing a big bore kit or a Performance Exhaust A9 = HBIntake Lobe Diameter at its Greatest: 26.90mm Exhaust Lobe …

Malossi Camshaft “Power Cam” for Aprilia, Benelli, Italjet, MBK, Yamaha


Camshaft Malossi Power Cam for Aprilia, Benelli, Italjet, MBK, Yamaha M.5911517 POWER CAM camshaft works on the following models: APRILIA LEONARDO 250 4T LC APRILIA LEONARDO 300 4T LC BENELLI VELVET 250 4T LC ITALJET JUPITER 250 4T LC MALAGUTI …



High Performance cam for 139QMB engine. Use this camshaft when upgrading cylinder and head to get the most performance from your new 72cc or 82cc kit. Intake Lobe 25.8mm Exhaust Lobe 25.5mm

101 Octane Camshaft Chain Guide for GY6, 139QMB, 139QMA, QMB139, Kymco 4-stroke 50cc engines.


101 Octane Camshaft Chain Tensioner for GY6, 139QMB, 139QMA, QMB139, Kymco 4-stroke 50cc engines. This scooter replacement timing chain tensioner guide will work on any GY6 50cc engines 139QMB/QMA engines. Please check to make sure you have the GY6 50cc engine …

Alchemy / RnD Moto Roller Rocker conversion kit for GY6 !!!


Complete kit to convert your GY6 based scooter or ATV engine to a much more efficient and performance oriented valve actuation system. Roller rockers reduce friction, last longer, and allow a faster, steeper, and higher valve lift without causing excessive …

101 Octane Camshaft Chain Guide for GY6 50cc, 139QMB, 139QMA, 4-stroke Kymco 50cc engines


Camshaft Chain Guide for GY6 50cc engines. Replacement Scooter Part by 101 Octane Taiwan. This is a Timing Chain Guide or Cam Guide for GY6 50cc engines 139QMB/QMA. This guide sits opposite the chain tensioner and is positioned between the …

D.I.D Cam Chain Tourmax Endless 92RH2005 / 094GL


  Endless chain from Japanese specialist D.I.D for maxi scooters with 125cc and 150cc Honda 4-stroke engines like the Honda SH-125/150 and Honda CH-125/150 Elites. Can also be used as a longer cam chain in GY6 custom engine builds.

101 Octane Cam Chain tensioner lifter assy for GY6 125/150cc


GY6 150cc Cam Chain Tensioner Lifter Assembly for GY6 125/150cc by 101 Octane Scooter Replacement Parts Complete timing chain tensioner suitable for 125/150cc GY6 Chinese-built 4-stroke engines. Delivery includes tensioner tool, which is only to be used for installation purposes.

101 Octane Cam chain tensioner lifter assy for Suzuki Burgman 250, Burgman 400 (99-06), DR 350 (90-99)


Replacement timing chain tensioner for Suzuki Burgman AN400 Maxi scooters, Suzuki DR350 and other models. Suitable replacement part for the following OEM numbers: 12830-29B11

Hoca Performance Camshaft 4V For GY6


Hoca Performance Camshaft for 150cc and 125cc GY6 4-stroke engines that use a 4-Valve Head. Please Note: only for use with 4-Valve Head! Intake Lobe Diameter at its Greatest: 29.9mm Exhaust Lobe Diameter at its Greatest: 29.6mm 34 Teeth Bearing 16002 …

Hoca A9 Performance Camshaft For GY6 QMI/QMJ 152/157


Hoca High Angle A9 Performance Camshaft for 150cc and 125cc GY6 4-stroke engines. Camshafts are marked with letter combinations which can be cross-referenced below: A8 = HA A9 = HB A10 = HC A11 = HD A12 = HE A13 …

Naraku Camshaft Sport A8 for GY6 125-180cc


GY6 Naraku Performance Camshaft A8 for GY6 125cc to 180cc 152QMI, 152QMJ, 157QMI, 157QMJ, Engines Naraku Sport Edition Naraku sports camshaft for original and sports cylinders. Longer valve opening time. Suitable for Chinese import 125/150cc scooters, quads etc. with GY6 …

Naraku camshaft Racing A14 for GY6 125-180cc


Naraku GY6 Racing Camshaft A14 for GY6 125-180cc Sports camshaft with altered timing for original and sports cylinder heads. For 4-stroke air-cooled 125-180cc Chinese imports (quads, scooters, Buggies with GY6 engines). A14 racing version, optimal use on 160-180cc engines. Not …

RnDmoto “ECO” 63mm 4 Valve Head Kit for Standard GY6 (54mm stud spacing)


This is a complete kit with standard size 4 valve head, piston, cam cover, cam, rocker arm assembly and longer studs. These are “ECO”, meaning economical construction of Chinese manufacture and do not include a cam chain, which is often …