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Polini Scooter Motorcycle RPM Digital Tachometer Counter digital (2-stroke / 4-stroke) Universal Performance


Polini Scooter RPM Digital Tachometer Counter digital Polini (2-stroke / 4-stroke) Universal Scooter Racing Parts That your scooter to the next level with this sleek ultra thin small tac unit from world class scooter parts accessories maker Polini. Ultra Compact …

Koso speed sensor with cable and 3 Pin connector


Passive speed sensor for digital tachos from KOSO. Sensor supplied with cable (115cm, 135cm, 175cm, 200cm) Universal Product – This part is non application specific. Please verify compatibility for your scooter before purchase. If it is an after-market racing scooter product …

Koso RPM Signal Filter


Universal Koso RPM Signal Filter. This tachometer filter helps to retain a stable rpm signal by filtering out interference caused by weak or old electrical systems, ignition coils (such as points ignition systems) and other sources. The signal will now be …



Overheating is the main reason your bike loses power and performance. Today’s high performance race bikes are at the cutting edge of development and continue to push the limits of existing technology. Pro Circuit Thermostrips come in a package of …

Koso temperature gauge GP Style D48 Thermometer max 150°C


Digital temperature gauge with analogue display. Small diameter: 48mm Supplied with mounting parts and instructions. Can be fitted with included bracket or as a separate instrument. For use on water-cooled vehicles with KOSO AC adapter. From 0 – 150 degrees …

Koso rev counter D55 GP Style max 9000 rpm, 150°C


Rev counter that runs self-function check with temperature gauge up to 150 degrees C. Displays up to 9,000 RPM. Black background with blue lighting. Supplied with all mounting materials and instructions. Universal mounting. For 2- and 4-stroke engines. Dimensions: 55x57mm.

Koso Tachometer rev counter Chrome Style D48 Tachometer max 15000 rpm


KOSO Eclipse series rev counter for revs up to 15,000 rpm and shift light. Supplied with mounting material and instruction manual. Universal Product – This part is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper …

Koso-fuel gauge Fuel Meter Mini Style 3 with white back light


For when an analogue fuel gauge isn’t good enough: we offer this Koso digital fuel gauge. Works up to resistor forces of 100 Ohm, 180 Ohm, 250 Ohm, 270 Ohm, 510 Ohm, 700 Ohm or 1200 Ohm, or can be …

KOSO Temperature gauge – Mini Style 250 with back light


KOSO mini temp gauge from 0 to 250 degrees C. 1/8th thread for Preliminary and Morini engines and connector cable 1.4m in length. Same design as the Stage6 temperature gauge. Sensors can be found for AC engines and LC engines …

A-Racer SpeedTek iMode Real-Time Gen III Controller iMode


2D ignition timing tuning 2D fuel injection tuning Lap Time Log( with Lap Receiver ) Acceleration analysis Mode select: Race/Launch/ECO/Adjust/Valet Can be monitored over 30 kinds engine parameters Fuel consumption monitor 180 degree viewable High hardness panel Lightweight and thin …

A-Racer SpeedTek DG-1 Multi-Function Display


Multi-Function Display DG-1   It can be shown wideband AFR, battery voltage and timer function with AF1 Extendable sensor modules in the feature: exhaust pipe temp. coolant temp. boot pressure…etc OLED all day viewable display and scratch proof panel design …

Koso RX1N+ GP Style speedometer


High-end GP style Cockpit for all 2-wheeled vehicles with 12V power supply. Speed, revs, warning function, oil warning light, tank fill level, neutral light, indicator lights, full beam, odometer and complete odo, top speed warning light (adjustable), EOBD* light. EOBD …

Aracer SpeedTek Cube G Ultra Compact OBD Gauge


Cube G Ultra Compact OBD Gauge CubeG is all new design concept for EFI motorcycle applications. CubeG base on stock ECU with OBD bus to read back EFI engine data and show on OLED screen. CubeG is waterproof design and …