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Take a look at the final drive of any high performance racing motorcycle and you will see a chain drive.A chain and sprocket drive offers the advantages of highly mobile rear suspension, changeable gearing and a lightweight rear hub. The …

EK 530X120 Sport SR Drive Chain


530X120 SPORT SR CHAIN For lower horsepower Dirt, ATV and Street applications Heavy Duty version of the Sport Chain Solid bushings and solid rollers for long life Quad staked riveting Large 5.08mm pin & 2mm plate gives a whopping 8000 …

EK 530X120 Link SRO-Z2 Motorcycle Drive Chain


High quality O-ring chain seals in lube and keeps water and mud out. Solid rollers and indented anti-kink bushings increase chain longevity Japanese made chain with quad staked riveting of pins into side plates  

Vorgue Chain Adjuster Block for KTM 125, 200, & 390 DUKE


Very cool and made from solid billet in Japan (NOT china junk) Material: Duralumin Color: Orange Adopted Mechanical Design, renewal of NORMAL’s image. Duralumin is cut out from solid material, realizing light weight and high accuracy. Finish is a natural …

Woodcraft Woodcraft Wide Coverage Toe Guard Kit


BETTER PROTECTION Woodcraft’s NEW WIDE COVERAGE TOE GUARD offers a completely new shape offering better protection than has ever been available for a universal-fit toe guard. Coming at the guard from the side – this new guard has almost DOUBLE …

Buzzetti chain breaker / riveting tool set


When it’s time to replace your worn or broken chain, make a tough job easy with the correct tool from Buzzetti. This tool set is available for local rental. $25 rental fee for 72 hours and credit card hold removed …



If you need to replace your 420 chain, why wait any longer? Affordable chains from EK Chains provide service life at an affordable price.



If you need to replace your 428 chain, why wait any longer? Affordable chains from EK Chains provide service life at an affordable price.



The best way to extend the life of your chain is to keep it clean and lubricated. Motul products are designed specifically for the motorsports enthusiast. Made in France. This white lubricating paste with brush applicator tip is specially designed …



When replacing a chain, it’s not unheard of to damage or lose the master link. Complete the job properly for just a few dollars with this 520 rivet type master link for o-ring chains. The gold color will match a …

Firepower Master Chain Link – 428 clip/520 rivet/525 rivet/530 rivet/530 clip/FPO/FPX


Firepower Master link for your motorcycle chain. FPO/FPX – Designed and manufactured in Japan Hardened and shot peened components Quad stake riveted pins, pre-stretched Long lasting o-ring/x-ring seals Available in 520 rivet/525 rivet/530 rivet/530 clip/FPX520/FPX530

Firepower Standard Master Link Clip-420/428/520/530


Fire Power – Chain Master Links FEATURES: FPS/FPH – Designed and manfactured in Japan Hardened and shot peened components Solid rollers, pre-stretched Available in 420/428/520/530



EK’s MVXZ2 Quadra-X Ring chain is the ideal replacement chain for any 1000cc street bike. Features like lightening holes in the sideplates, large-diameter pins, and friction-reducing Quadra-X Rings help ensure high-performance and up to two times increased wear life compared …



Item specifics   Drilled links reduce rotating mass Tri Glide X ring reduces friction Quad peened pins, pre-stretched to ensure proper fit Comes with a rivet style master link Clip style link is available (sold separately) 520 Strength- 8,500 lbs …

The Grunge Brush-polymer


Keep your chain fresh. A clean chain has a much longer life than a dirty one. The Grunge Brush will extend the life of your chain and makes cleaning a breeze. One end is a three sided brush for cleaning …

The Grunge Brush


Keep your chain fresh. A clean chain has a much longer life than a dirty one. The Grunge Brush will extend the life of your chain and makes cleaning a breeze. One end is a three sided brush for cleaning …



Motul brand chain clean which eliminates incrusted deposits, sand, soil, oil, greases and more.

Smith Tool Chain-a-Part Chain Breaker


This simple and easy to use chain breaker completely removes connecting pins and eliminates side bar distortion. It’s the ideal tool for the mid-sized chain found on most motorcycles. Long, hardened steel punch pushes the connecting pin all the way …

Motion Pro Chain Breaker and Riveting Tool


This versatile tool can be used on drive chains and some cam chains. It can break chains from #35 to #530. For chains #520 and up, it is recommended to grind the rivet head. Each kit includes 3 pin sizes …

Motion Pro Sprocket Jammer


This handy little tool prevents the rotation of your chain and sprockets while removing or installing your countershaft nut. It can also be used to pull the rear wheel against the chain blocks while you tighten your rear axle. Made …

Motion Pro chain press tool kit


This easy to use tool is used to press side plates on all 520-530 chain. It is safe for use on O-ring chains. It is designed to install press fit connecting links.

D.I.D Cam Chain Tourmax Endless 92RH2005 / 094GL


  Endless chain from Japanese specialist D.I.D for maxi scooters with 125cc and 150cc Honda 4-stroke engines like the Honda SH-125/150 and Honda CH-125/150 Elites. Can also be used as a longer cam chain in GY6 custom engine builds.

Firepower Standard FPS Series 520×118 Link Chain


Have you been putting off replacing your chain due to the high cost. Put that necessary task off no longer. With a great quality chain by Firepower, you can replace that old worn or stretched chain for an affordable price. …

EK ThreeD (3D) Premium Motorcycle Chain 525X120 Black/Gold


525X120 Black/Gold 693-1520BK EK ThreeD (3D) Premium Motorcycle Chain is Elegant, Strong, Detailed and Magnificent.It offers the ultimate shape with flexibility and Strength. EK Chain set out to produce a premium chain that was as beautiful as it is strong. …