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Yoshimura YD-MJN24 Semi-Down Draft Carburetor without Manifold for Honda Monkey


YOSHIMURA Head 88cc Specification Diameter: Φ24 Carburetor Pitch: Single Body[Included Parts] Insulator Funnel (Plastic Made: L=55mm)[Separate Required Parts] Throttle SET (Color: Gun Metal/Red, Cable Length: 550mm/650mm) [Special Recommended Parts] for Aluminum Funnel SET YD Cut-out Drain Bolt (Red) Jet SET …

Universal Parts M4-0.70 x 12 Bolts with Washers for Carburetor Float Bowls


M4x0.70 Stainless Steel Socket Head Bolts with Washers, 12mm Thread Length used to mount the float bowl on carburetors such as PWK/CVK style carbs. May also be used in other applications. These are a great upgrade to the soft phillips …

Universal Parts 26mm 4-Stroke Carburetor – Manual Choke


Universal Parts 26mm Carburetor with Manual Choke for 4-stroke Honda style engines commonly found on motorcycles, dirt bikes, ATVs, dune buggy/karts, mopeds, mini-choppers, super pocket bikes and many more. LEFT Side Choke (with rear facing intake) Manual Choke Engine Side …

Universal Parts 26mm 4-Stroke Carburetor – Cable Operated Choke


Universal Parts 26mm Carburetor with cable operated choke for 4-stroke Honda style engines which are Vertical Cylinder, air-cooled 4-stroke engines commonly found on Chinese dirt bikes, ATVs, mini-choppers and dune buggies. Cable Operated Choke Bolt Hole Spacing (engine): 48mm Engine …

Universal Parts 4-stroke PZ19 Single Feed Carburetor


Universal Parts PZ19 Single Feed Carburetor for 4-stroke horizontal cylinder Honda and Honda style engines. The choke is on the RIGHT side with rear facing intake. Bolt Hole Spacing: 48mm Engine Side Inner Diameter: 19mm Air Filter Mount Outer Diameter: 35mm …

Malossi Intake Funnel / Inlet Pipe / Velocity/Racing Stack/Spacer Bell Mouth/AirHorn in Various sizes


Malossi inlet pipe / intake cone / bell mouth / racing stack / velocity stack / intake funnel The funnel-shaped pipe (Venturi) optimizes the airflow to the carburetor, and accelerates the intake air mass. The funnel is simply attached to …

Stage6 CNC Boost Bottle / Expansion Bottle with mounting kit for 50-70cc Engines


This boost bottle from Stage6 is especially designed for 70cc engines. It has a solid chamber to prevent the airstream from oscillating back and forth through the carbs venturi when the throttle is released, meaning that the airstream is only charged with fuel once which improves pick-up when throttle is re-opened which adds up to lower fuel consumption and better throttle response.

Motoforce Racing Carburetor PHBG 21mm Red Edition w/ Manual Cable Type Choke


Carburetor “Red Edition” PHBG 21mm for a very good price. A carburetor that will noticeably increase the output of your engine. It has a vacuum and an oil injection port. Manual cable choke. The advantage of this version is that …

Polini Expansion Bottle/ Boost Bottle – Universal Scooter Parts Applications


Polini Racing Parts Expansion Bottle Polini Boost Bottle – Universal Scooter Parts Applications If you are looking to reduce fuel consumption and improve throttle response, you can`t go far wrong with a boost bottle. The advantage is that the air-fuel …

Boyesen Power X-Wing for Kawasaki KX-85/100, KTM 85/105, Suzuki RM-85


Product Description INCREASED AIRFLOW PERFORMANCE Increases horsepower and torque in 2 and 4 stroke bikes AERODYNAMIC design maximizes velocity generation and power gain WING CHANNEL minimizes disturbance at needle jet without affecting jetting curve PRECISION FIT assures perfect alignment and …

Straightline Performance Fuel Injected and Carbureted Scooter and Small Motorcycle Nitrous Kit


Fuel Injected and Carbureted Scooter and small single cylinder motorcycle Nitrous Kit (6 or 9 HP) Nitrous Kit. Straightline Performance is now proud to be the exclusive distributor of the Holtzman Engineering Nitrous Technologies. This includes the patented nitrous injector …

Alchemy eXposed Toyox ToyoSpring Fuel Oil Line Hose


transparent, Ø 6×11 mm, l 1000 mm, rubber, non-foldable About 3/16″ which is most scooters and smaller motorcycles  This high end item has a steel spiral incorporated into its design that makes squashing and folding of the fuel supply history! …

101 Octane GY6 150cc Carburetor OEM quality for QMJ152/157 QMI152/157 GY6 125/150cc


GY6 Replacement OEM Carb for 150cc and 125cc GY6 4-stroke QMJ152/157 QMI152/157 engines. Complete replacement 24mm carburettor (membrane type) supplied with electric auto choke. Ready to fit and suitable for 125/150cc Chinese-built engines and 125cc air-cooled Kymco models. This is …



The image may not reflect actual parts for this kit. Everything you need to rebuild your carburetors. Complete rebuild for all four carburetors. Kit includes: O-rings Gaskets Pilot jets Main jets Needles float valves and seats body and bowl screws …

Koso Hurricane Multi Air Filter for Honda Grom


Hurricane Racing Air Filter Want better performance with a simple change? Using the Hurricane racing air filter intake will increase the airflow, improve filtering efficiency and raise the engine output performance. The Hurricane racing air filter is a high-quality foam filter that …

Naraku Carburetor 17.5mm with manual choke for Minarelli / CPI / Keeway / QJ style engines


Naraku 17.5mm Carburetor w/ Manual Choke for Minarelli Engines Well priced, good quality, and from a name you can trust! We present the Minarelli 17.5mm Carb upgrade from Naraku. This carb is an excellent high-performance part for Minarelli and CPI / …

101 Octane – Carb Diaphragm with needle for 4 stroke carburetors m. 18mm slider 4T 139QMB / QMA


Carburetor diaphragm with slider and adjustable carburetor needle. Various China 4-stroke carburetors with the same basic structure are installed in the vehicles. For example, different slide diameters are used. For this reason, please measure the slider diameter of the original slider before …

Technology Elevated 38mm Cast SmartCarb carburetor


SmartCarb carburetor model 38CAC is designed to replace conventional spigot mount top-pull carburetors and will fit most intake manifolds and conventional air boxes that use Mikuni VM, TM, and Keihin PE, PJ, and PWK series carburetors. Single Circuit Flat-Slide Design …

Yoshimura YD-MJN28 Semi Down Draft Carburetor for MONKEY 88-124cc and others


MONKEY 88-124cc Head Specification Diameter: 28mm Down Draft System Single Body YD carburetor is the ultimate product which YOSHIMURA has pursued for the performance improvement of horizontal type engine. It is the first original carburetor in the long history of …