Honda CRF50

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SP Takegawa Hyper CDI Ignition for Honda Baja, CRF50F, CRF70F, Gorilla, Monkey, XR70R


It adopts Aluminum with Black Anodized Case. with SP TAKEGAWA Laser Marking Logo * Details An analog type CDI which changes the ignition characteristics from low speed to high speed. You can use it just by replacing it with the …

Puig Fuel Cap for Honda


Dress your motorcycle as a racing type with PUIG’s competition tank cap. Manufactured from a lightweight aluminium block, reduced weight to 195 gr, they have been created and designed to meet functionality and safety, the two most important premises in …

Aircraft grade aluminum shift lever for Honda CRF50F/ XR50R/XR70R


Aircraft grade aluminum alloy shift lever with knurled folding tip. Silver finish. Extended length. This lever fits: 04-19 Honda CRF50F 00-03 Honda XR50R  00-12 Honda XR70R

IMS Flightline FOLDING SHIFT LEVER- Honda CRF/XR-50/70/80/100/Z50R- Yamaha YZ100/125/400/IT175


This shift lever folds up in case of a spill instead of bending and then breaking when you try to straighten it. This lever fits: Honda 2017 – CRF50F 2016 – CRF50F 2015 – CRF50F 2014 – CRF50F 2013 – CRF50F 2012 – CRF50F 2011 – CRF50F …