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The best way to extend the life of your chain is to keep it clean and lubricated. Motul products are designed specifically for the motorsports enthusiast. Made in France. This white lubricating paste with brush applicator tip is specially designed …



ASSEMBLY LUBE is a specialty, film forming lubricant designed to protect moving components and wear surfaces during assembly and initial break-in. Prevents metal-to-metal contact upon startup before adequate lubrication is supplied and offers excellent rust and corrosion protection during long …

Presto – copper paste – 100g tube


Presto copper paste is a soft, copper colored multi-purpose paste for lubricating separating parts undergoing high temperatures, high loading or corrosive action. Parts treated with this product disassemble easily even after a long time and extreme conditions of use. Suitable …

DRC Bead Cream- 40g Jar


  DRC bead cream is a high performance lubricant to aid in tire changing. This lube may also be used in changing valve stems. Formulated not to harm the rubber compounds used in tires or stems. Comes in a 40g container …

Malossi Scooter Parts High Resistance Grease – MRG for torque drivers (40g Tube)


Original Malossi mineral-based (molybdenum sulphide) convertor grease for greasing behind the convertor. Can also be used in other areas and not just on scooters.  



Superior penetrating and lubricating fluid for chains and whatever else you might need to lubricate. This 6 in 1 product cleans and lubricates while providing rust and corrosion protection.

Motorex Grease Spray


Motorex grease spray has excellent adhesive properties and is water resistant. Protects against wear and corrosion. Great for use on plain or roller bearings as well as articulated joints in machinery. 500 ml spray can with angle adjustable applicator.

Polini Speed Control high temperature special grease for torque drivers 20g


20g fat Polini for the converter unit and other locations where a heat-resistant lubricant is required. When mounting a transducer disk, it is imperative to use a heat-resistant grease in the area of ​​the guide slots and the shaft.

EUROL Gear Oil – Scooter 80W-90 GL5 100ml


How cool is this? It’s not only top quality European (Made in Holland) oil for your rear gearbox, AND it’s perfectly proportioned in the quantity you need for most scooters like GY6, 139QMB, Zuma, PCX, etc, BUT it also has …