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The ETR-B is back! This bottom bracket chain tensioner does what no other chain tensioner can do. By applying the spring tension around the chainring, it allows the rear drop out area to be simple, uncluttered and lighter. No more deraillers sticking …

N8tive pedal pivot shaft with bearing body for NOAX


The two industrial ball bearings join an ultra short stub axle, supporting radial load properly. Low maintenance. Available in left and right side.

n8tive locking ring for lock-on grip – green


Green anodized ferrules with N8TIVE lettering suitable for the n8tive lock-on bicycle grips. Universal Product – This part is non application specific. Please verify compatibility before purchase. May require some modification for proper installation. If you have any question, please contact Customer …

n8tive double lock-on grip set ROCK 130mm


The robust, durable ROCK is for hard use. More padding but way beyond being chunky! The grip pattern forming rhomb shaped blocks hook up both hands or gloves, give texture for good traction and provide top lateral support. An excellent …

N8tive double lock-on grip set “GEO Style” 130mmL / 30mm Diameter in Black or Grey


GEO pictures the grip’s particular surface morphology. The unique design offers several advantages: the flexible, proper cushioning longitudinal ribs dampen vibrations, put away tough shocks, yet feature lateral support since the „mountainous relief“ optimally absorbs power. The fin spacing is …

N8tive spare pin set steel M4x4 40pcs w/ conic pin head, sharp maximum grip


The special designed n8tive pin features a wide support area protecting the pin against lateral load and reducing risk of failure. Using a 4 mm hex socket wrench the pins are easy to replace devoid of muddy, clogged socket screws. …

N8tive spacer kit – 3 pcs


The handlebar or rather stem height largely impacts your sitting position and is therefore critical when it’s about ride comfort and efficient pedaling. Swapping headset spacers lifts or lowers the stem. To get the height that perfectly fits you, the …



Risk Racing has developed fusion grip technology in order to hold your grips firmly to the bar without the use of glue or wires. This kit includes: 2-grips with dual compound and ergonomic thumb relief. 1-Bottle of fusion catalyst grip …

N8tive multi-tool Mini 8 functions


Our n8tive tool for minimalists. A super lightweight that goes unnoticed with you until on-trail emergency. 8 applications wrapped up in 70 grams only, ultra flat and made from best tool steel quality currently available. So, when the chips are …

N8tive multi-tool Maxi 19 functions


Best suited for almost any eventuality. Carrying our excellent quality, super flat, 130g light n8tive 19-function tool won’t overload your shorts, yet will provide you big performance. Repairing on the fly! For anything else you would need a garage anyway. …

N8tive XC stem – cold forged AL2014 31.8mm ext 60mm, angle 6°


The 60mm stem’s performance and riding precision aren’t far-off the short Enduro’s. Due to the 6° angle the handlebar is slightly raised and you sit more relaxed. The bolts’ layout to fit the steerer tube clamping provides a super strong …

N8tive XC stem – cold forged AL2014 31.8mm ext 80mm, angle 6°


With this stem you may ergonomically adapt your individual sitting position. The 6° rise is identical to the 60mm stem angle. And the bolts’ layout to fit the steering tube clamping features a safe and distortion-free mounting as well. 110g …

N8tive flat pedal XC 99x100mm


A classic pedal version made of AL6061 aluminum. Identic engineering to the n8tive DH Pedal, but the platform has been adapted to trail riders’ requirements: less weight and length feature better performance and more ground clearance on trail. The concave …

N8tive flat pedal DH 105x110mm


The n8tive DH pedal is for fans of classic shapes. One does not need to reinvent proved components, though details can be updated: concave platform being a match for your sole and n8tive pins for plenty of grip. Made of …

N8tive flat pedal NOAX V.2 AM forged


N8tive’s favorite pedal at its best: The new pin set-up improves comfort and stabilizes the pedal body. Sealed bearings provide maintenance-free performance. Available in silver (RawEdition). Weight: 420g (pair w/ pins) Material: cold forged 6066-T6 aluminum Double bearing: sealed bearings, …

N8tive handlebar AL6061 760×31.8, 25mm rise, 5° up-, 9° backsweep


N8tive 760mm wide anodized handle bar with 31.8mm clamps and is very stiff and secure thanks to the 6061 aluminium. 25mm height with 5deg upsweep and 9deg backsweep ensures accurate steering and perfect control. Optimal handling and easier on the …

N8tive handlebar AL7075 800×35, 20mm rise, 5° up-, 7° backsweep


For those using the 35mm standard n8tive offers maximum control. Wider, thicker, stiffer the 800mm handlebar calls for strong shoulders, still the bar’s sweep measurements 5° up and 7° back offer wrist comfort. Go and shred hard! The top quality …

N8tive handlebar – AL7075 740×31.8, 30mm rise, 5° up-, 7° backsweep


N8tive team riders’ first choice handlebar. Made from high quality 7075-T6 aluminum absolutely reliable. No cut down required! Best compromise in control and width: master your next enduro trail devoid of cracked knuckles from smacking shrubbery and trees. And your …

N8tive flat pedal – NOAX V.1 cold forged


N8tive pedal for individualists. Unique, efficient and N8tive staff’s favorite, since with the Noax N8tive made a constructional difference: Short axle, two ball bearings, low maintenance. The flat high-tensile forged aluminum pedal body lowers the center of gravity, yet provides …

Christini AWD All Wheel Drive Bicycle

Christini is made in the USA (Philadephia) and hand built to customer specifications. All Wheel Drive and built to perform and last. RnDmoto has a demo bike on display in St. George, Utah, so come on down and try it …

Safety reflector 2.5″ round, adhesive backed


Be safer and visible with this easy to see 2.5″ self adhesive reflector. Mount anywhere to improve your visibility at night with its adhesive backing. Comes in two colors: red and amber. One per package. Meets D.O.T. requirements..