Tools for Motorcycles and Scooters featuring Motion Pro, Buzzetti, SilverLine, Cruz, and many others!

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Naraku Universal part // Disc Brake Bleeder Set


Universal brake bleeding tool kit for scooters, motorcycles and quads/ATVs. The bleeding set has an integrated non-return valve. Pump the brake fluid though at the master cylinder and the valve prevents the fluid from flowing backwards and air from entering …

Buzzetti kickstart spring reassembling tool for Peugeot Tweet, SYM, GY6 125 150


Tensioning tool by Buzzetti to aid the assembly of the kick start spring. Suitable for Peugeot Tweet 50, 125 and 150cc, and SYM 125 and 150cc 4-stroke scooter models. This is the coolest tool for you all working on scooters. …

101 Octane Shrink tubing assortment incl. box, 127 pc kit


Perfect for insulating wiring and protecting solder and other connections. Simply slip over the connection, heat and go! Cables are perfectly isolated and protected from mechanical damage. A staple product in any workshop or garage. Following sizes are included in …

Buzzetti brake bleeding tool


The Buzzetti bleed nipple helps to prevent back-flow while bleeding your brakes.

Motion Pro Grip End Cutter (3 Piece Set)


Motion Pro Grip End Cutters Features: Steel construction with E-coating Knurled handle for sure grip Heat treated cutting shoes with beveled edges insure a clean cut Individual sizes for throttle tubes and handlebar ends Perfect for installation of hand guards …

RnDmoto Brake Bleeder, Universal, for Compressed Air


Details Top-quality brake bleeder for compressed air, a standard tool in every two-wheeler workshop. Simply connect to the compressed-air line and bleed the system by pumping the brake lever. Please make sure the brake fluid reservoir doesn’t run empty; it …

Buzzetti Pilot Bearing puller tool – 3-jaw 13-38mm


Buzzetti compact pilot bearing puller is a versatile bearing puller designed to handle flywheel bearings, pump bearings and generator/starter bearings from 13 to 38mm inner diameter, all without tilting the bearings or damaging the bearing race. For the serious mechanic …

Buzzetti brake piston pliers / removal tool 30-33mm


Patented brake piston pliers / removal tool from Buzzetti. These pliers are used to pull the brake piston out of the caliper and to replace them. This tool is suitable for brake pistons having inner diameter of 30mm to 33mm. …

MotoForce Professional Grade Hot Air Gun (ZD-508) w/ Dual mode electronic thermo control. 1500W – 350-500°


Hot Air Gun 1500W – 350-500° An important tool for all serious DIY mechanics: With this heat gun, you can quickly bring your scoot’s engine case to temperature in order to assemble or remove parts. Also great to tackle seized …

Ratio Rite Measuring Cup w/ Lid


The Original Ratio Rite Measuring Cup. Perfect Gas-Oil Pre-Mix Every time! Fill oil to ratio level and pour into measured amount of gasoline. Ratios from 16:1 to 70:1 for 1.0 to 2.5 gallons or more. Calibrated in cc, oz and …

Buzzetti tappet / valve clearance adjusting tool set 8, 9, 10mm with square adapter


Use the right tool for the job. When rebuilding your top end, use this purpose designed tool from Buzzetti to adjust your tappets. Valve / Tappet clearance adjusting tool from Buzzetti for 4 stroke engines. Supplied with 8, 9 and …

Buzzetti-tappet adjustment tool 3 piece set – 8, 9, 10mm


Buzzetti 6-Piece Tool Set for adjusting the valve clearances. This adjustment tool set includes 3 hex wrench (8, 9 and 10mm) and 3 applicators with 1 x slot, 1 x 3 mm square and 1 x 4mm square. Picture may …

Universal Parts Piston Pin Puller


Universal Parts Piston Pin Puller helps with installation and removal of piston pins. Fits all piston pins from 12mm (1/2″) to 24mm (1″). Fits All Piston Pins from 12mm (1/2″) to 24mm (1″) Includes 4 Interchangeable Non-Marring Aluminum Piston Adapters: …

Buzzetti fuel tap wrench tool for Vespa


Fuel tap wrench, offset for removing/ fitting the fuel tap on Vespa Classic models product suitable for: Vespa Classic-P 125 X VNX1T Vespa Classic-P 150 S (Strada) VBX1T Vespa Classic-P 150 X VLX1T Vespa Classic-P 200 E VSX1T Vespa Classic-P …



6-In-1 Radiator Fin Straightening/Cleaning Tool- Washing your bike and you see a load of debris on your radiator? Maybe it’s loaded with insects. Perhaps a few fins smashed flat from road debris. Sometimes road debris can cause your radiator fins to …

Buzzetti chain breaker / riveting tool set


When it’s time to replace your worn or broken chain, make a tough job easy with the correct tool from Buzzetti. This tool set is available for local rental. $25 rental fee for 72 hours and credit card hold removed …