Security and Safety devices for Motorcycles and Scooters

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Dowco Guardian Motorcycle Cover Alarm


Features pin-pull, that when disengaged, emits a 130-decibel warning. Installs …

Bell Auto Black Deer Warning Whistle


Bell Automotive 22-1-01000-8 Black Deer Warning About the Product Pair …

XENA XZZ6L Series Disc-Lock Alarm


The world’s smallest fully electronic alarm disc-lock. Light, portable and …

ABUS Combiflex 2502 Lock


This is a resettable three-dial combination lock great for helmets …

Lockstraps 2″ Helmet/Jacket Lock


Now you don’t have to carry around your heavy street …

Urban Security Disc Lock DiskMini d=5mm


This particularly compact and unobtrusive mini disc lock from Urban …