Jumper Packs

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Antigravity Battery Tracker (LITHIUM) BlueTooth


The Antigravity Battery Tracker is a Bluetooth Monitoring system for your vehicle battery. Simple to install and track your battery’s health and status. Works on all 12V LITHIUM batteries (we also have Lead/Acid version). Easily monitor your battery status through …

Athena GET JumpStarter


GET JumpStarter is a multifunctional mini starter which allows you to restart any motorbike and scooter (including watercrafts and small boats) when they’re out of battery. Light and compact, JumpStarter has a LED torch included and it can also be …



Mini SMART Clamps for the Micro-Start XP-10. All-metal, unbreakable construction with strong clamping force & power transfer. Features 5 built-in protections to safely jump-start vehicles. SMART CLAMPS Replacement jump starter clamps for use with the Micro-Start XP-10 only. These SMART Clamps are an …

Antigravity-SPORT Micro-Start jumper pack


The Micro-Start SPORT is one of the smallest lithium-ion Jump-Starter/ Personal Power Supply (PPS) units available. It’s also the most compact Micro-Start Kit we offer. The SPORT is small enough to fit in your pocket yet so powerful it easily …

Python Quick-Start 1-Gauge Booster Jumper Cables


Introducing… the Python 1G Jumper Cables. Made For The Long Haul. Your heavy-duty vehicle is more than just a mode of transportation. When you work with your truck and live life on the road, you deserve equipment that meets your …