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Power-Madd Handguard ATV / MX Mount Kit


ATV &  Motorcycle Mount Kit   This kit is designed to be more universal and easier to install on ATV’s and Motorcycles.  Note – requires bar modification on Yamaha Grizzly & Kodiak ’07-current.

Ram Mounts W/ M10 X 1.25 PITCH & 1″ BALL


The RAM-B-349 includes a M10 x 1.25 pitch male thread connected to a 1 rubber ball. Threaded hole must contain the following dimensions for this base to fit: M10 1.25 pitch with a 14.5mm flange diameter with a 10.15mm thread …

Barkbusters STORM Single Point Clamp Mount Handguard Kit For 7/8in Handlebars | STM-001 Inner Bar Mount


Provide weather and wind hand protection with Barkbusters STORM Single Point Clamp Mount Handguard Kit for 7/8 inch diameter handlebars. Features: Fits 7/8″ handlbars Single point mounting system Aluminum mounting frame Not designed for impact protection Easy installation Tough and …

Acerbis LED Option for Dual Road Handgaurds


Acerbis LED Lights option is an awesome way to make your Acerbis Dual Road Handgaurds multi-functional. Not only protection from wind and debris, you can use the LED lights as an addition to your DOT approved turn signals/indicator lights! **NOT …

Acerbis Dual Road Single Point Mount Paramano Handguards


Protects you from wind, roost, branches and other elements. Its aerodynamic design allows a perfect airflow and its aesthetic form fits perfectly to the newest generation of naked/race street bikes. These are single point mount bar ends, meaning they attach …



White LED Vent Cover for Sentinel LED Light Kits. Used to replace the black vent covers that come standard with the Sentinel LED Light and Turn Signal Kits. Shown installed on a sentinel Handguard.

PowerMadd – Sentinel Handguards – black/black


PowerMadd is excited to introduce it’s latest handguard offering! The Sentinel Handguard is designed to be the most stylish, durable and functional handguard to date. The Sentinel guard is larger compared to the Star Series which in turn gives you …



S E N T I N E L   L E D   L I G H T   K I T Adds visibility and safety to your existing Sentinel Handguards. . Sold separately. Kit includes: 2ea. – COB LED …

Acerbis Rally III Handgaurds-Various Colors


The new Rally III is the latest cutting-edge handguard design from Acerbis. Constructed solely of rigid polypropylene, the Rally III offers light weight and great protection. The Rally III has a built-in spoiler for maximum protection against branches and other …

SW-MOTECH KOBRA Handguards For Select BMW, KTM & Yamaha Motorcycles


These SW-MOTECH KOBRA handguards for select BMW, KTM & Yamaha Motorcycles are designed to fit the original handlebars and offer wind, weather & debris protection. Hardened aluminum backbones provide secure support and safety from impacts while angular plastic deflectors increase …

Acerbis Vision Handguards


The Vision Hand guard is an innovative hand guard, fitted with adjustable LED lights (LED for low power consumption running off 4 watts p/side), giving you effective, additional light for extreme conditions. In addition to a headlight, the Vision Hand …