Motorcycle and Scooter grips

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TNT Handlebar Rubber Handlebar Grip Set Round End Cap Chrome


Very nice grips with anodized handlebar ends. These grips are available with conical or round bar ends. Suitable for all handlebars with 22mm diameter (which is 98% of all conventional vehicles). For the right-hand side, a rubber grip with a …

TNT Rubber Grips 922X


Sporty grips with cool TNT look. The 922X is on a par with the latest generation of grips and is available in many cool colors. The grip has an “up” mark for optimum placement the handlebars. This means they can …

MadMax Grip Wave Type for standard 22mm (7/8″) Handlebars


Color: Green [Size] Length: 122mm Inner Diameter: 22.2mm (Left)/24mm (Right) Non-penetrating Type for 7/8-inches (22.2mm) Handlebar Grip set of high design and better elasticity! BIGScooter to Sports type motorbike can be installed in various models. *Please decide by size regarding …

MadMax Super Grip for Standard 22mm (7/8″) Handlebars


Color: Brown Size: 120mm, Inner Diameter: 22.2mm/24mm (Throttle side) Open end type, for 7/8-Inches (22.2mm) handlebar With plastic bar end cap A simple design invites no boredom * Universal product. Please check the size and confirm the fitments. * It …



  Pick up a tube GripLock to secure your hand grips in place on even the smoothest of bars. It’ll keep your hands in place and your bike at pace with the rest of the pack. High-strength adhesive keeps grips …



Motion Pro engineers and test riders found this formula to be the best grip glue available at any price Easy to apply and easy to remove from throttle tube and bars when you change grips High cured temperature resistance is …



Scott Grip Stick holds your grips tight for the most aggressive riders. For use on any vehicle that has handle bars, formulated for the best hold.

ODI – grip glue – .15 oz. tube


ODI Grip Glue is designed to bond grips to bars without damaging the grips. 5mL (.15 oz.) single shot tube is enough to install one pair of grips.

Motion Pro Grip End Cutter (3 Piece Set)


Motion Pro Grip End Cutters Features: Steel construction with E-coating Knurled handle for sure grip Heat treated cutting shoes with beveled edges insure a clean cut Individual sizes for throttle tubes and handlebar ends Perfect for installation of hand guards …



Great replacement switch for your heated grip control or for your custom application. Three position switch. HI-OFF-LO The face of switch is approx 7/8″ and the body is approx 3/4″ for mounting hole. Rated for 10 amps. Designed to mount flush on to any …



These universal Rizoma LUX grips will fit all standard 22mm (7/8″) handle bars and clip-ons. Comes packaged as a pair with 3 throttle grip cams for a wide variety of applications. Simply the most beautifully designed and elegant grips out …



These Rizoma URLO grips are designed specifically with the ride by wire technology in mind. Simply the most beautifully designed and elegant grips out there and the finish is truly impeccable. Includes a built in throttle tube for the throttle …

101 Octane – handlebar rubber grip set – MX half waffle grey


Classic grey half-waffle Motocross grips suitable for all scooters, mopeds and motorcycles with 22m handlebar and throttle grip. outer length: 125mm inner length: 119mm throttle type: throttle twist grip

CF Posh Early Barrel Grips (22.2mm) in Various Color Options


Corresponding Handlebar Diameter: Φ22.2mm Length: 118mm Insertion Length: 115mm Φ22.2mm handlebars (Japanese Models) Colors: Black/White/Red Lame(Flake)/Silver Lame(Flake)/Smoked Lame(Flake)/Natural Rubber

TNT Tuning Brake lever sponge grips in various colors


Very nice brake lever sleeves made of rugged foam rubber. The sleeves are about 10cm in length and can be mounted on all vehicles and levers. When fitting, it is very helpful to wet the lever with a water / …

BCD Handlebar Grips – Polar Series: Weather resistant rubber in Black/white


POLAR Handlebar grips from BCD. A soft, weather resistant rubber compound ensures an excellent grip. Available in the well-known BCD design with added details to the grips that make them stand out from the crowd. For easy mounting and to …

NCY Throttle & Grip Set – Needle Bearing Style w/ 7/8″ diameter (standard bar)


Ditch your plastic-on-plastic throttle tube set up for this performance needle bearing throttle tube. Oh, and look, he’s brought a friend, a matching grip.  How thoughtful! This throttle tube assembly works on any scooter with 7/8″ diameter bars. Not for …

Noend Classic Honey Handles / Grips in Black


For a more retro look but also for more comfort, we offer here these handles Noend Classic Honey in Black. Diameter 22mm.

STR8 Grips “DOME” Style with round end caps in black / anodized blue


High-quality grips by visual tuning specialist STR8, black grips with round anodized aluminium end caps. The surface texture provides excellent grip, and the grips have a good feel even on longer trips. Available in Black / anodized blue.

N8tive double lock-on grip set “GEO Style” 130mmL / 30mm Diameter in Black or Grey


GEO pictures the grip’s particular surface morphology. The unique design offers several advantages: the flexible, proper cushioning longitudinal ribs dampen vibrations, put away tough shocks, yet feature lateral support since the „mountainous relief“ optimally absorbs power. The fin spacing is …